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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

CWDinosaur, it is you who should forgive us for the confussion in understanding the message.

Answering your actual question, i must say that they are a couple of sexual scenes between charcters. They are short and not very explicit, but if you are trying to avoid them you must know it. In that case is not "watchable" as you said

Eugenio, thanks for your answer. What you say is very reasonable. Anyway i prefer to beleive that the commando actions were usual, i find it more exciting (they do not explain in the film, so everybody can look for the explanation he likes!!).

If you say that the pistols of the nobles and the dutch are too modern i believe you, then it is a ambientation mistake. But maybe not too apreciable

About the pike squares, i think that not all cavalry used to attack with pistol, shot and back. Many armies still had heavy cavalry in armour and with lances (not so many, but still a symbol of honour among the nobles). In addition to that, swedes started to make use of the sword-charge for the shock cavalry (use that did not end until XX century). So I think the use of pike squares was still reasonable until the invention of the baionette (foot soldiers still formed squares with musket-baionette long time after, to defend themselves from cavalry).

Back to the film, if i was attacked by cavalry with pistols, i would not risk not-making a pike square, and if i was a reiter and i attacked a group of lonely musketeers i would not mind taking my sword out after firing the pistol and killing them. But with pikes inbetween i would think it twice...

I hope not to be very boring!! I like sharing opinions with all of you.

Strelets! when do we get some XVII century troops?

Best regards


Re: Alatriste in cinema

I haven't seen the movie, and I doubt it'll be
playing over here, so I can't comment on it. But, I
thought you might like to know there is a very in-
formative website on the Spanish Tercio: http://www. - it is in English,
French and Spanish.