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To Strelets*R - My post


I'm a little confused here. What happened to my 9/11 post from yesterday? Was it deleted? If so, why? Can't I remember the dead? We were allowed to on July 7, so does this mean that it was some sort of other problem?

Please advise!


Re: To Strelets*R - My post

The post was deleted because it was nothing to do with plastic figures. Someone objected to the post, but in any event we are taking a much firmer line on posts which are irrelevant to the hobby in the light of recent events.

To all, please note the description of this forum at the top of the page, and not digress into other areas.

Re: To Strelets*R - My post

Dear CWD:

I am joining you in rememberance.

In the context of the hobby, I think I would like to see figure sets of fire fighters, police force, and paramedics. These sets will be very useful for any modern war setting. These are heroes of 911.