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Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

Ah and Breda siege, i couldn-t understand why did they go into those labirint?

Costumes are good and some characters play very well, still there were no Resines.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

Dear Yevgen,

was it in Spanish?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

Hmm yes. I think this movie is only available here(I live in Barcelona).

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

I also did not like the battle scene, as i posted.
Yes, you are right, ther film is concentrated in the little secenes of the life of Alatrsiste. Sometimes it can be boring. But anyway, i think it is what the director wanted to reflect, a picture of the spanish society of that moment and not an action film.

About the errors cometed, according to Evguen (o Eugenio :):

1- Are you sure there are pistols after 1700 model? i should watch it again, but i think the arms were accurate all the time..anyway i am not an expert.

2- After what i read of History and of Perez-Reverte himself, this commando actions (encamisadas) were usual in the Low Countries, where te conflict was often more like a siege and guerrila warfare than an open war. Why do you think it is not realistic?

3- Breda: the labyrinth you mention is a "mine", a long tunnel from the spanish positions to the lower part of the wall, in order to destoy it with explosive charges. I guess, the "room" they pass, inside of which thre are some flemish soldiers, it is a countermine, made by the defenders to destroy the spanish "mine".

I agree with you, the battle is poor (just to add more smoke and make the feeling of having more extras, even with computer effects, would have made the scen much more realistic), and the story not always exciting (however, for me the first 10 minutes of the film are really astonishing), but I insist, for me the best was the photography and the costumes. As Yevguen pinted, some actors play really well. And i did not find objection in equipments or armour. You can have a good idea about Spain of Golden Century. I liked the film

Answering Civilwardinosaur, i would say it is watchable, at least for the last reasons i give. Maybe after you will say you did not like the film at all, but i always think, it is better to try

Anyway i am glad that a thread about a spanish film has interest
Best regards for you all

Re: Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

.. And Tercio de Cargena last stand is supposed to be historically , as you said, PATHETIC, not epic... one or two thousand or soldiers alone, wounded, exhaust, abandoned by his king, with no ammonition, arms not even clothes..only having the possibility of diying in fight siding with the old comrades because they have no other posibility in the world.....

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

You are right, sounds heroic, but the problem is the frase said by Alatriste: "Este es un tercio español" and they don-t go to home. I mean french gave them the best surrender conditions i have ever heard: with flags and arms they would let them go. But Alatriste and his friends just stay there and die, this what-s looks like pathetic for me.

About commando attack: 1st Perez Reverte told that those "encaminada" was capturing the small island where Alatriste and some spanish soldiers attacks the island, capture it and have to resist till spanish forces arrive, but they dont arrive and all dies except Alatriste and father of Iñigo(not su excelencia, it was another situation, but they didnt have time to make another scene and mixt it all in one). Commando scenes is unrealistic to me because, according to memories of persons or officiers of that and post time there were no such cases. And i havent understand why did they wanted to me those canons useless for about half an hour if there were no general attack, the film dont explain it.

About pistols, Guadalmedina, su excelencia, have such pistols and spanish guards also, its sometimes is comrensible, because the king and rich men had the best armour, but i have also saw it in hands of flemish soldier in the beginning of the movie. Strange.

Ok, about Breda labirint mb you are right, but siege works were more complicate like this shown in the film:
1st they have small grenade, normally engineers put there a lot of powder, not small grenade and with 5 or 6 soldiers, not enginieers in those labirint.

More about last stand, just curious but i think that tercios didnt formed squares when cavalry attacked, i ddont think any army in that period fomed squares, because cavalry didnt attack infantry, they just shoot their pistols and went to their inicial positions. Am i wrong?

I have read some Perez Reverte books and i have understand little about what is hapenning in this movie, but my sister have=t understand anything. I think that first people should read all Perez Reverte books about Alatriste, or they won=t understand anything there.

It=s just my opinion about movie. Carlos is right, this film shows very well spanish reality in sxvii.

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

I'm sorry-

I should have been more clear. I was trying to be restrained in words, but I didn't think of the language barrier.

Said in clearer words: did the film have any sexual scenes of any kind?

Forgive the mix-up, senors.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Alatriste in cinema

CWDinosaur, it is you who should forgive us for the confussion in understanding the message.

Answering your actual question, i must say that they are a couple of sexual scenes between charcters. They are short and not very explicit, but if you are trying to avoid them you must know it. In that case is not "watchable" as you said

Eugenio, thanks for your answer. What you say is very reasonable. Anyway i prefer to beleive that the commando actions were usual, i find it more exciting (they do not explain in the film, so everybody can look for the explanation he likes!!).

If you say that the pistols of the nobles and the dutch are too modern i believe you, then it is a ambientation mistake. But maybe not too apreciable

About the pike squares, i think that not all cavalry used to attack with pistol, shot and back. Many armies still had heavy cavalry in armour and with lances (not so many, but still a symbol of honour among the nobles). In addition to that, swedes started to make use of the sword-charge for the shock cavalry (use that did not end until XX century). So I think the use of pike squares was still reasonable until the invention of the baionette (foot soldiers still formed squares with musket-baionette long time after, to defend themselves from cavalry).

Back to the film, if i was attacked by cavalry with pistols, i would not risk not-making a pike square, and if i was a reiter and i attacked a group of lonely musketeers i would not mind taking my sword out after firing the pistol and killing them. But with pikes inbetween i would think it twice...

I hope not to be very boring!! I like sharing opinions with all of you.

Strelets! when do we get some XVII century troops?

Best regards


Re: Alatriste in cinema

I haven't seen the movie, and I doubt it'll be
playing over here, so I can't comment on it. But, I
thought you might like to know there is a very in-
formative website on the Spanish Tercio: http://www. - it is in English,
French and Spanish.