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Re: British Hussars

Dear Gartlym,

I agree with you that this is a fine set.

I am only jealous that you will get yours in Europe at least 2 months before we get ours in the U.S.

Please tell the forum members how much you like your new sets when you get them.

I'm waiting for your reply! :-)

Cheers - Dave H.

Re: Re: British Hussars

The new masters look great, though the pictures
weren't that clear. No useless flagbearer! I think
the British Light Dragoons were about the best scupted
Strelets set, so I'm looking forward to seeing the
Hussars. The British lancers were good too, but, I
thought the Scots Greys and Life Guards were a bit
clunky. Do you prefer the Hussars coming in brick
red, too match the rest of the series, or in blue
like the masters (the Light Brigade actually wore
blue, and the Heavy Brigade red)? I'd like to see
someone make Russian gunners with some hand-to-hand
poses and casualties for the Charge of the Light
brigade. What do people think of this idea?

Re: Re: Re: British Hussars

Dear Britsfan,

You ask a great question - Should the Hussars be in Blue Color (like the uniforms) or in Terracotta Red (to match the other sets)???

I think the original decision of each side in thier own color was good.

But if I had to do it all over again, I probably would make the 17th Lancers, Dragoons, and Hussars in blue color, and Heavy Dragoons and Scots Greys in Terracotta red color.

Because, if you painted your figurines, this would be the result.

But this is only an "in hindsight decision."

I love all of them, just the way they are and in the colors they are.

My point is for future consideration, not past production.

Thanks for your great question, and thank you S*R Team for the most awesome range of truly soft plastic fugurines ever!

Happy Collecting everyone!

Plastic Colour

I am a painter when I have the time. However, that aside I think that the figures should be released in colours close to the uniform colour. It is just plain stupid to say that all British should be in Terracota red. British Infantry and heavy cavalry in red but British Light cavalry and artillery in blue. One of the reasons why 18th/19th century armies are popular is due to their colourful nature. Thus, Napoleonic French Infantry and Artillery Blue, but cavalry depends on what type: Draggons and Lancers Green, Hussars maybe Skyblue for the 1st regiment, Cuirassiers/Carabiniers maybe the metal colour of the cuirass, Gendarmes Guard Grenadiers Blue.

If anybody complains that with the mix of colours in all the armies there might be confusion as to which side is depicted then finally you have reached the point where you can understand why in real battles supposed allies sometimes shot at each other. The fog of war: Is that our lads retreating or the enemy advancing?

Best regards,


Re: Plastic Colour

I agree that plastic color should be somewhat in line with the overall uniform color. Zvezda and Strelets does does a prety good job at this. HaT has done well with some of the French Napoleonic sets, but that's about it. I'm just tired of gray and tan. If plastic color is more costly I'll pay extra.

I just love Strelet's Crimean range. They are fantastic figures and I hope that all armies represented in that war are produced. I hope for artillery from all sides, including siege artillery. Bring it on Strelets.

Re: Plastic Colour

I completely agree that the colors should represent the accuracy of the original soldiers. After all, it is "the uniforms that maketh the man!"

Before we get too hard on the S*R Team for using one Terracotta Red color, were you around when the famous Airfix used the horrible Cream color for everything during the 1960's and 1970's? Didn't come close to anything true.

We are in a new Rennasaiance that will only get better, so long as collectors like yourself keep sending in your opinions. There is no doubt that current famous companies are listening and reading our opinions here, even though they never comment.

It will only get better! Cheers - Dave H.

Re: Re: Plastic Colour

I vote for one nation = one colour, even for cavalry and artillery which clearly didn't wear this colour. Some of us just don't have time to paint hundreds of figs, so uniform national colours is a great idea.

Re: Re: Re: Plastic Colour

Is this approach valid irrespective of time period covered? You know, that major colours could vary in time. We had this dilemma with our WWI Russians.


Re: Re: Re: Plastic Colour

Please reread my previous mail. The fact is that although different nations were enemies they often fielded men uniformed in the same colour. For 18th century Europe Britain, France, Spain and most of the German states fielded artillery dressed in dark blue with red facings. Only the woodwork of the artillery pieces were different colours. If you want all arms of each nation in 1 uniform colour then play Risk and leave the serious historical miniature enthusiasts to enjoy a true mix of colours in each army. Also give painting a try I for one hate green, red, blue etc horses.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Plastic Colour

I was born in 1961 so remember well the Airfix sets. I remember hat their Napoleonic French Imperial Guard were an instnat favourite of mine partly because they were made in grey. Their other excellent set were the Prussian Landwerh produced in a Prussian blue. It is such a shame that these two sets were made underscale.

Best regards,


Re: Plastic Colour

Malcolm, I'm very inclined towards your opinion on