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Greatest historical range in small scale

For example, we have ancient germans, midevil germans, thirty years war Germans, seven year war germans, AWI germans, Napoleonic germans, WWI germans, countless WWII germans and quite a few modern germans.

As far as saml scale soft plastic goes. Who has the longest reign in history? The most spots in history or the most sets throught history?


I haven't got the time right now to count them, but I think the armies of french are best represented in 1/72plastic: Gauls/celts/franks/medieval knights etc and above all: napoleonic french.
And a lot are coming for periods I mentioned and others:ww1 and ww2.

Re: Britian? France? Germany?

(Celts/Picts/anglo-saxons/medievals/ECW soldiers/pirates/jacobites/AWI soldiers/Napoleonics/colonials/WWI/WW2 and moderns.
Quite a lot I would say. I think the major Europian powers has got the most sets. (Germany, France and Britian) And there are a lot of Russians too. But I think germany has indeed the most.


Re: Re: Britian? France? Germany?

probably a toss up between France and Germany. i know from looking at my own collection, the best equipped and most complete armies are my napoleonic french, and my ww2 germans. a rough guage, but it tells me that an awful lot of these sets have been produced over the years. what i'm glad to see are more obscure countries and periods being covered these days.

what's the worst covered country?

What would be the worst covered countries?
Okay, it's easy to say Luxembourg, but they were not really in a lot of wars.
I mean countries that were involved in several wars through the whole history.

Re: what's the worst covered country?

I assume that you were half joking when you mentioned Luxembourg, but as I am sure you know, the rulers and subjects of Luxembourg have been rather active in warfare from the middle ages forward.

My vote would be for the African nations of Ethiopia, Kongo and Zimbabwe.

Re: what's the worst covered country?

Happily that is becoming more difficult to answer these days. The whole of South America is unrepresented, although Incas are on the way. India has the Alexander sets, then a gap until Esci's Colonials and then Atlantic WWII - hardly good coverage. China had nothing but Boxers until Caesar came on the scene, and Africa is limited to Egyptians/Sudanese plus some Zulus and Boers. However I would suggest Spain is the least represented major country. Plenty is promised like El Cid, Moors and Napoleonic Guerillas, but so far we have some Carthaginian Allies, then conquistadores, then Spanish Civil War. Plenty of huge gaps to fill there (Portugal too).

Re: Re: what's the worst covered country?

I would say that the worst represented major
country would be Spain. The first Napoleonic Spanish
was the Odemars set I believe, and it frankly isn't
that great. Yet Spain played a major role in the
Napoleonic Wars (remember it was Bailen which first
showed that the French weren't invincible). Whole
centuries of Spanish history are missing - she was
the major power in Europe during the Rennaissance (sp)
and was constantly at war, yet, except for the Revell
Conquistadors, there are no sets for this period. The
Ottomans are also underrepresented. Somewhat strangely, while their are a multitude of German WWII
sets, the American forces are underrepresented (not
a single artillery set for example). I'm glad to see
how much the hobby is expanding, however, and that
some of the gaps are being filled!

Re: Re: Re: what's the worst covered country?tough call

That's a pretty good question. We know what is out there, but it is a more difficlut task to say what isn't out there but should be, and not have it break down to writing out another wishlist.

Although China has been done from the ancient to modern (Korean war), Chiniese sets have been relativiley rare when compared to potential adversaries

Re: Greatest historical range in small scale

Ireland would be a good candidate for least represented. Irish troops have fought in the armies of most, if not all european armies, Louis 15th had his Irish Regiment which won him the battle of Fontenoy, Wellington had the 88' the connaught rangers, better known as the devils own. Napoleon had the Irish Legion, and over 50 generals who were Irish or of Irish descent. Austria, Prussia, even russia had Irish men in their ranks. Across the pond you have the fighting 69th. At the battle of Antietam during the ACW, Irish units from both sides faced each other. Royal Dublins fought in the boar war for the british, many Irishmen fought for the boars too. In Ireland itself you have the army of Brian Boru whose Irish army beat the danes at Clontarf, and a whole history of rebellion against invaders from across the sea. Never once has their been a set of figures produced from all this history. It seems strange that such a long and interesting military history has been forgotten by the producers of plastic figures. As the old Irish tune goes, 'In far foreign fields from Dunkirk to belgrade lie the soldiers and chiefs of the Irish brigades'.

Re: Re: Greatest historical range in small scale

Dear Everyone,

Yes, I would love to see more American sets (history goes back to only 1776 unlike Europe for 1000's of years). And Spanish, they just don't enough respect ...

... and Oh, yes, the Irish. I would love to see all of the beautiful uniforms these fine gents fought wearing, from the early wars in G.B., to the AWI, to the Napoleonic Wars, to the ACW, Boer Wars, Sudan, Afghanistan, ... very handsome men and uniforms.

I am always amazed that whenever a policeman or fireman in New York has fallen, the bagpipes and G.B. traditions come out - the men who took on the hardships that noone else wanted - Bravo Irish Gentleman!


Hi All,
What about the Dutch? EYW, VOC/WIC troops, the sun king's wars, WSS, WAS, Napoleonic wars (there were Dutch too before 1815, Colonial, Early WW2

And proberly worse: Austria/Hungary. A major power form the 16th /17th century til 1918. Never saw set with Austrians to figth the Turks in the 1680ies, Never saw !8th century pandurs, hussars, hungarian infantry, never saw Austrians for the "Brüderkrieg"
Only one WW1 infantry set, so quite worse.


Re: Re: Re: Greatest historical range in small scale

Am i missing somthing but i would have thought that all you would need to do to make irish regiments is to paint ordinary sets with the faceing colours and colours of irish regiments as unlike highland regiments their uniform was almost identical to the armies the regiment was fighting with e.g the revell nappy british are shown on the box art to be the 27th inniskillen an irish regiment irish regiments in french service such as dillons had basicly the same red british uniform of the 1740/50s period so again just need to use the correct regimental colours and the yankee fighting 69th just need the famouse green erin go bragh colurs with basic fedral uniform and hey presto another irish unit

Re: Long, longer, longest

Long Airfix Ancient Britons to Caesar S.A.S.

Longer - Caesar Chin Chinese to Caesar WWII Chinese

Longest - HAT Sumerians to Caesar Modern Urban Resistors

Re: Greatest historical range in small scale

The point that you are missing anthony is that while a myriad of figures can be painted or converted into representations of Irish regiments -something that I have done myself- the fact is that no figures have been released that are specifically made by the manufacturer to be Irish, as such Irish figures are under represented in the hobby.

Re: Greatest historical range in small scale

NO Italy with the all sets of ancient Roma,a lot of midieval some WWII and the future sets of WWI and Garibaldi of course ( to say nothing about Atlantic series )
Anyway, regarding Ireland, i personally consider britons and celts like natives of this green island.
To streelts a sets of Brian Boru it will be much appetible]