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Re: WWI Austrians Artillery

Hi Andreas

It is almost certain that Austria and Germany exchanged guns in order to help each other. The Germans had an extraordinary array of guns and readily shared those with Austrian troops when together on various fronts. On the other hand, Austria had the excellent Skoda 305mm, which made the envy of the Germans and explains why they used it in particular to silence the Belgians forts. Out of the 16 units owned by the Austrians, 8 were handed over to Germany and therefore manned by Germans. Besides this, it is almost certain that Austrians used the German 77 gun for their own benefit.

Re: Am I the first to notice...?

I noticed the box cover on the Waterloo site
yesterday. I wish they had had pictures of the figures
themselves. I imagine the figures will be pretty good.
The Anglo-Eygptians and Dervishes were well modelled
and scuplted, but sufferred from repitious poses (you
only need one General Gordon - not four!). I'm wondering if the same will hold true to the World War
I Italian infantry. At any any rate, I'm looking
forward to see them. There is still a LOT of figures
that could be done for the First World War, but, did
anyone really expect to see the day when so many WWI
figures were available! Looking forward to seeing the
Ceasar WWI French and German figures, and the Hat WWI
French drawings are promising too. We definatly need
more British figures, and how about some Belgians too!

Re: Re: Am I the first to notice...?

Certainly WWI is enjoying a boom at the moment. Hopefully there will be no personality as such, so no obviously unwanted duplicates. I too am looking forward to these enormously - they mean a whole new front can now be modelled.

As for Belgians, all are welcome but how did they differ from the French after 1914, apart from colours?

Re: Re: Re: Am I the first to notice...?

WWI is approaching it's first centinial aniversary, that should be a great marketing gimic

Re: Re: Re: Am I the first to notice...?

I was thinking of early war Belgians, who had
very distinctive headgear. I've seen pictures of
their dog-drawn machine guns, and I'd like to see
them in miniature. I think the Belgians had a lot
of guts to stand up to the German steamroller.

Belgians after 1914

ACtually the Beglians did look quite a bit different from the French, although one could dispute that at a 1/72 scale this may not be that obvious... Anyway, here goes:

- The helmet had a lion (Ok, that's tiny...)
- Belgians didn't use puttees or had them covered by leather gaiters, or wore short breeches or riding boots.
- The Belgian back-pack was considerably smaller than the French one
- Finally, if I am not mistaken, the coat worn by the Belgians looked differently from the French one, which did not seem to have 2 or 3 buttons in the back...not sure about this one, perhaps somebody has better info.

Re: How about a personality set?

With this boom, how about a personality set?

Re: Re: Am I the first to notice...?

They will probably be in the same stupid format as the other recent Italian-manufacture sets, such as Italeri, but, as long as there are no really unusual poses, I don't really care. I'm looking forward to using these men as Greeks for the Greco-Turkish War of 1920-22, to face off against the Kemalists at Inonu or Eskishehir. Also, I think that the figures would work for WWI Rumanians, who wore the Adrian helmet, as well as WWII Rumanian reserve units whose uniforms were not updated until 1942. Finally, Italian reserve coastal artillery units during the 1943 invasion of Sicily continued to wear the old WWI uniforms, so there are some possibilities here as well.

Re: Am I the first to notice...?

You wait for news for weeks and then 2 in one day first Waterloo 1815's artwork for Italian Infantry WW1

and then this

Happy Collecting

Re: Re: Am I the first to notice...?

Is it me or are some of the RedBox British copies of Strelets Boer War British? Either Strelets and RedBox are one in the same as I originally thought, or RedBox employs the same sculptor.

We aren't same!