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Re: Strelets- my last post

I hate to see you go. You have always been real good about posting responses and giving good insite to topics. I hope you will re-consider your current plans of leaving.


Re: Re: Strelets- my last post

Goodbye, David. It's been fun.
best wishes, donald

Re: Re: Re: Strelets- my last post

NO! Please don't leave, Mr. O'Brien. You are one of the best members here. The Strelets*R Forums would simply not be Strelets*R Forums anymore if you left! Let this guy get what he deserves (I am not sure what you mean though), and stay here. Can't you see that we all want you to? It would be terribly sad did you leave. I always like your posts and like to know what you have to say. Don't leave. Please sir? Stay with us?


Re: Strelets- my last post

Dear David,

it's a pity that your decided to quit the forum.
We will be glad to see you back at any time.

Best regards,


Re: do stay...

i understand why you've decided to leave David. being targeted is no fun. but this forum needs people of your caliber to make it interesting. i've enjoyed your comments and i will miss them. hopefully, you will change your mind and return. best of luck and thanks for all the links and input!

Re: Strelets- my last post

I really feel sorry you want to leave us.Hopefully you change your mind.
If you do leave the proof is given this message board is easy to distroy.Don't let this happen!This forum is to valueable for us all.

a message board with registration doesn't sound like a good solution to you?

Re: Strelets- my last post

Dear David,

You are not only one of the most active and informed members on this forum, you are also one of the oldest here. We all do regret your decision, and you would also. I know for sure that you will check now and again this forum, and maybe you will forget and forgive, and contribute once again, both in written comments and in photography of your figures.


Re: Strelets- my last post - Dear O'B

Hi O'B,

Your comments and contributions are very much a big part of my enjoyment reading this forum. As I mentioned above, it is sort of like reading a newpaper. And I like your editorial opinions. We don't all always agree with each other, but that is half the fun.

I'm not ready to give up yet, unless my home IP has been blocked and I just won't know it until I get home from downtown Tokyo tonight!

So, I'm looking forward to your most humorous and entertaining comments and opinion very soon - OK?

Remember, Happy Toy Soldier Dreaming & Collecting!

Talk soon - Dave H.

Re: Strelets- my last post

Dear David
Seriously dude, you are bigger than this issue.
Any one with a passionate enthusiastic and honest mind to their hobby, such as yourself, should not fear "the small people" who hide beneath technology.

The "real people" of this forum the value of your contributions to this forum and clearly your imput would be greatly missed.
Please carry on as you have always done.

many thanks and regards
Mike McA

Re: Re: Strelets- my last post

That was very nicely put message to Dave O'Brien Mike.Just back from time away and sadly catching up on Dave's decision. Fingers crossed Dave will revist and help this 1/72nd revolution of production figures Strelets have produced.