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Figures for Hastings

Hi friends,

this weekend I finished with 50 more figures for our Hastings project. Imagine, just five weeks left to the DUZI. It is like christmas for me, buying all the new sets, meeting old and finding new friends. And especially working all Friday night to have the diorama at ready on Saturday morning.

So in the meantime I am bored on painting Saxons and Normans, but it has to be done. I recognised, that I have a lot of figures for the Saxons.

Strelets, Emhar, Revell, Airfix Robin Hood conversions, Tumbling Dice and other metals. So I have a lot of poses for the Saxons. But no proper figures for the first rank of the shieldwall.

For the Normans it is much more difficult. Especially the infantry. Revell and Tumbling Dice. Some old Hinton Hunt and that is all.

Cavalry Strelets and again Tumbling Dice (beside the two Revell figures).

So at the moment the Saxons are nearly twice the number of the Normans. Because of this I think we need another set of Norman infantry to keep the balance between the armies.

What do you think? With five weeks left it is too late to produce another set which would help us. But our dream is to show an exhibition in the future with all our dioramas in one big hall. And for this we will make them bigger.


Re: Figures for Hastings

Dear Uwe,

there are no dreams these days that can't come true (if we're talking about figures, of course) . You've got just to ask Santa.



Re: Re: Figures for Hastings

Dear Santa,

Please make Strelets-r produce a set of norman infantry. I would be most happy if it happened so that the set could come under my christmas tree

Re: Re: Re: Figures for Hastings

More usable Normans - yes please, as the only other prospect is the hat El Cid range but these are still only drawings and could be years away yet, and yet one of the most important Medieval armies has never been properly done in 1/72 plastic!