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So does Darya

Dear Strelets
Glad you have included Darya Sevastopolskaya, a brave woman but there were probably many more like her who do not get mentioned such was the heroic defence of Sevastopol.
When you do the British.
The British equivalent of Darya should be Mary Seacole although older (Mary was in her early 50s)than Darya she was very much involved in battlefield aid. There is a portrait and a head & shoulders sculpture of her. Her features have more of her mother's Creole than her father's Scottishness.

I look forward to this Russian set it will make the basis of some fine dioramas.

Re: Strelets Russian General Staff (CRIMEA) AND HOSPITAL SET

i hope to see allied staff lodr raglan etc and a separate hospital set

Re: Re: Strelets Russian General Staff (CRIMEA) AND HOSPITAL SET

Dear Kert,

the suggested sets may be interesting for the collectors, however hardly interesting for the overwhelming majority of the other buyers, therefore it doesn't make sence to produce two separate sets that aren't popular. We want to make a command set for the allies but most probably it will be combined with the hospital.
Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Strelets Russian General Staff (CRIMEA) AND HOSPITAL SET

Dear Strelets,

should an allied general staff and hospital come out, please-please include Roger Fenton, one or two assistents, a camera and maybe a mule drawn photo-lab. That wolud be very nice. And also, put some additional colour sargents or ensigns in it carrying a flag.