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Hi Emanuelle,

really great work! I have to watch the movie this weekend again.


Re: Braveheart

Indeed an excellent work! One can clearly see a scene from the film that was re-created. Hopefully our new set will help to beef up the ranks of the pikemen.
Best regards,


Re: Re: Braveheart

Aye laddie ...good clouds in the photographs also make them look very authentic.Good to see a sense of humor with your modelling.

Re: Re: Re: Braveheart

Very nice indeed. Thanks for posting it.

Eddie looks great

Dear Emanuele & all
Thanks Emanuele.
I like the The King Eddy he looks just like Patrick McGoohan. The sky looks right for Scotland and the landscaping captures that appearance of the boggy land near Stirling. The only thing missing are the jeers and shouts. Full of atmosphere.


Yes, superb diorama! I LOVE it! I am actually related to William Wallace on the paternal you see I love this subject. I actually hate the movie, but not this! Great work!


Re: Braveheart

Beaufiful diorama! The painting and landscaping look perfect. I also like the sky in the background and want to compliment your photography. I wish my pictures were as nice as yours!