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What Is Your Next Project with 1/72 Scale Plastic Figures

What would you like to do next, if you had enough time and enough resources:

Is it to build up your army and buy some new sets?
Is it to take the figures off the sprews then decide?
Is it to paint up your figures?
Is it to make some conversions?
Is it to plan a dirama with your friends or family?
Is it to research the history of your latest/next purchase?

What is everyones priority wishlist ... ?

Re: What Is Your Next Project with 1/72 Scale Plastic Figures

Start a project and see it through to the end! My trouble is I paint a load of stuff - sufficient to give me a game and then get distracted. The unpainted figures reproach me from their boxes every time I open the cupboard. Just need to develop an attention span!

Re: Re: What Is Your Next Project with 1/72 Scale Plastic Figures

i merely want to finish painting all napoleonics i've recived lately, before new releases are out. it used to be i'd buy one box at least of a set and have it painted in no time. now i've gotten into the habit of buying multiple boxes of certain kits, such as 4 zvezda french grenadiers, 2 artillery limber sets (hat) and i even found 2 boxes of italieri austrians to add to what i already have painted. 75% finished with the french old guard, but i paused to paint up some ACW figs. and then there's the ww2 figs i might get to sometime this year. i need an assistant!

Re: Re: Re: What Is Your Next Project with 1/72 Scale Plastic Figures

I keep buying multiple copies of every Napoleonic set out there, paint one box of each serially, so I still have so many boxes of unpainted figures stored away. And it gets worse (or better depending on your perspective) since I keep adding to my collection with new releases.

Right now painting Zvezda French Old Guard.

Nassau fusiliers

Hi, Rob,
just heard from a trustworthy source that HaT intends putting out Nassau line infantry for the Nap Wars.
Darn! Another 6 battalions to paint....if/when the flood ends, I'll not be happy of course.
regards, donald

Re: Nassau fusiliers


It just never ends... but I'm not complaining!

I am glad they are making Nassau line troops --- smart on HaT's part because it now rounds out its (arguably small but important) Nassau contingent for arguably the most famous land battle. Now I don't have to do paint conversions etc but hopefully have fusiiers and flanquers in addition to their grenadiers.

Now its up to Strelets to make a Netherlands staff set!!!


Re: Re: Nassau fusiliers

Hi Rob,

you will have Füssiliers and Flankers in the near future.


Re: What Is Your Next Project with 1/72 Scale Plastic Figures

At the beginning of the month I set aside my Napoleonic Austrians- again- and began feverishly assembling a Russian T-26 Regiment for a game that took place last Saturday. Once again my Napoleonics suffer for WWII. Thankfully all the infantry I needed were painted up at the beginning of the year.

My goal is to just get an army done- no matter how large. Looking at my collection I have just a few bits of armies such at Early War WWII German armor with no infantry, Mid WWII German Infantry with no armor, Desert and Crete British with no armor and Mid and Late WWII American armor with no Infantry. The only WWII Armies I can truely field are the Russians and French (without artillery. How much longer must I wait for the Hat 75's?). Now that Pegasus has announced 1939 Germans, I have set my goal to do a mid war German Army by the end of October.

Next Project with 1/72 Figures...

I'm sticking on Crimean War Range and wont be buying any other ranges until i have turks and brit grenadiers, even if i have to go back to metal (again) to finish a collection.

My Impetus is sliding with strelets i admit since the production order was drastically changed.Repeat figures(brit hussars) of already available stuff is bit of a bore.Means no crimean inf for at least next June.Will probally have moved on to other things.

Re: Next Project with 1/72 Figures...

Conversions are my enjoyment:

Today finished some Colonial British Cavalry Officers. 1 for Bengal Lancers with spiked foreign service helmet, a new hand with pistol, and a scratch cut-out pistol holster, and the other same except for Boer War Lancer Officer with vented helmet.

Then back to light artillery, chuck and supply wagons, and ambulance wagon with appropriate personnel, and more Cavalry conversions to finish for this year for these sets.

I hope to share these as contributions. I hope other collectors here will intend to do the same.

Happy Toy Soldier Hobbying!

Re: Re: Next Project with 1/72 Figures...

Hi Dave,

I am looking forward to see these guys. I am thinking about painting them in blue or other colours to use them for the second Afghan war. Some units fought in their parade dress there.


Re: Re: Re: Next Project with 1/72 Figures...

Hi Uwe,

Please tell me what you would like to see, and I will try to make them for the Contributions page, and then pass them on to you. You can keep them and paint them for future dioramas with you and your great European Diorama Team.

Keep in mind, concerning soldiers, I am working only with the latest S*R Teams Ango-Boer War sets and the Bengal Lancers set.

If you want artillery, you will have to choose from my work with the fine Revell sets (please see my last Contribution to S*R site).

But regarding fine details, I can make them by hand, such as spiked foreign service helmets, or head swaps, or hand swaps, or weapan swops, or the Bengal Turbans shaved into fine details.

But only original soft plastic pieces from each original manufacturer. And keep in mind, I am not a manufacturer. So I can realistically make you at the most 2 of any pose or 2 of any artillery set. All my work is one-off stuff, just like your fine work!

Everything I make is in the nude! It is up to you to paint-it-up with the fine "Colors of Life!"

Cheers Uwe! Let me know? Happy Toy Soldier Dreaming!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Next Project with 1/72 Figures...

Hi Dave,

many thanks for your kind offer. As for upcomming projects figures for the Sikh wars would be great.
Beside this the planning up to 2009 is:

2006 Hasting - at the moment nearly 4000 figures
2007 Lord of the rings (sorry, but the guys wanted it - not my interest, I will paint for the next projects)
2008 - Aliwal
2009 - Aspern (a big one!)

For my plate at home I want to continue with the Romans after October. When this is finished I thought about another colonial project.

Dave, you will be surprised when you see some of my conversion on the Strelets homepage. I sent some photos just to make you happy to Strelets last week.

Your artillery is absulute great! Very good ideas and wonderful done! I have Bengal lancers in metal and I thought about a charge of these troops against some Pathans. The Strelets ones have the field uniform in Khaki and I want to have the old colourful one. Beside this, the turbans of the Strelets are too small for my taste. As you are talking about spiked helmets, what would you think about the last stand of the Guides in the Kabul residency (no politics now please) in 1878? Inspired by the movie "the far pavillions"?

So we can dream together! BTW, for future plans you could contact me outside the forum.


For hank and other Crimean freaks

Hi Hank,

As I am a great fan of the crimean war too
I've collected together some old metal figures for the Crimean war. Old Scruby, Minifigs S-Range and some others. French Guard infantry, British line and Guards, Rifles, Turks etc.

There was really great stuff on the market 30 years ago. The best of these figures I sent to Finescale factory. They will make a mould for me and cast the figures. I have to pay the mould and then will get the figures for around 50 cent each. So if anybody like some of these guys, tell me. But it will take some time, Finescale is busy at the moment.

I can show you some figures when I have them.


Re: For hank and other Crimean freaks

BTW, I don't want to earn money with this! Just to increase this great range from Strelets with more poses and new units and let you take share of these figures if you want.



Hi Uwe, What a philanthropist you are and please take that as a serious compliment. Ist wunderbar.

As they say If the mountain wont go to mohammed, mohammed goes to the mountain.
bravo Uwe.

I'll contact Hinton Hunts mold owner (i did a catalog website for them) and see if they can cast some figuresin Georgia(USA).

Re: wunderbar

Hi Hank,

I would like to call myself a freak The mountain could be true when I look at my collection...

I have the Hinton Hunt British range too and made a mould of the two firing/advancing British line.
As for the Russians, I have just some samples.


Re: Next Project with 1/72 Figures...

Hi Hank,

I don't blame you for sticking with the Crimean Range from the S*R Team, but I buy what I can, when I can. In my old age I'm getting a little desparte!

I take you up on your bet before. If you are unhappy in any way with the S*R British Hussars, I will send you one box at my expense, and you just tell me how you want them. I will send you a set no less enjoyable than the best of my collection.

I honestly believe we will both be pleasantly surprised, and if not, we will both be "pleasantly surprised!"

Cheers Hank! And Gentlemen keep thier bets! - Dave H.

Re: Next Project with 1/72 Figures...

Hi Dave,

I like to complete thingS i START and i was miffed bamboozled when strelets skipped the future listed crimean figures for all these WW1 equestrians.I hav e about 35 boxes so far, all Crimean War.
It swhat drew me into their figures etc.

If Strelets communicated a reason or openly something to expalin and forecast a new release date then that would have been fine.But Strelets are in an ominous silence, niet ?

If thE Strelets bRITISH cRIMEAN WAR hUSSARS riders come wothout the flying furry coatees then you win a box off me.

I wait for the infantry to add to my own collection, EAmhars or Uwe's Finescale mercenaries .Just Look what Uwe has started with Finescale, just awesome/wunderbar, hopefully other 1/72 or 20mm will catch on.Snooze and they lose.
Have fun David.

Some other ideas

Hi Hank,

just to make you and Dave more happy I talked with Newline Design about the Aliwal project. We used their range for Isandlwhana too and I suggested them to make a Sikh war range. After I sent them photos for all the units they said yes! The production will beginn at the end of the year.

As for Finescale what would you think Dave, if we put your conversions in a mould to cast them?


Re: Some other ideas

Dear Uwe,

Good work with Newline Design! And I look forward to seeing your Contribution you sent in :-)

As for the Anglo-Boer Wars Contribution, it is very much my hope to inspire and motivate the S*R Team to go forward and produce Artillery and other related figurine poses in soft plastic for us. Just cannons and crews like the Crimean Russian Naval set. I am a hopeless soft plastic enthusiast. Also, S*R has only released these sets once so far and will hopefully release the Highlanders this December. I am far from giving up on motivating them to go forward with more Anglo-Boer Wars, Sudan Campaigns, Zulu, Gordon and so on.

Again, I am very much looking forward to seeing your Contribution - Happy Collecting