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Re: Re: Re: Ottoman Turks

Hi, Jonathon,
This is strictly making the best of a bad deal but here goes...
Orion Janissary are the core & are, at least, Turkish.
I use Italeri Muslim warriors as Palestine irregulars.Many of the figures are usable.
HaT Mameluke cavalry interspersed with Italeri Saracen cavalry.
Strelets Zouaves are OK as Nizam-i-cedit.
I have a variety of guns including metal siege pieces & English CW pieces but crew are a problem. I tried the LW Cossack artillery as irregular/Bosniak artillery but the figures are too cartoony & BIG.
That's it so far...any suggestions you have are welcome.
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Ottoman Turks

Hi Jonathan,
I pretty well have the same list as Donald in my desperation I'm also considering the following:
Airfix/Hat Bedouins
Ceasar Saracen Cavalry - as Sipahi Cavalry
Hat Cossacks - as Deli Cavalry
Strelets Bengal Lancers - as Deli Cavalry
and some of the Italeri Strelets as More Command Figures

There is no suitable artillery so I'm now thinking of doing some head swaps with some of the Orion and LW Pirates

As for Ceasar's Arab Camel Riders and Bedouin these guys are just too scantily clad for my liking, one guest of wind and they would loose those bath towels, although they would be a good source for turbans for any head swaps.
Regards Brian

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ottoman Turks

Hi, Brian,
I hadn't thought about the Bengal Lancers or HaT cossacks: thanks!
Are you modifying either set in any way? Any hints on what colours to paint them?
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ottoman Turks

Hi Donald,
Well it's all theory at the moment and I only have one really good Picture of a Deli Cavalry man from the Osprey book No.314 but, the plan for the Bengal Lancers is to keep some of the round shaped turbans as they are and just paint white with maybe a bit of red on the crown.

The more elongated turbans will be trimmed down and inserted with either a shako from the Hat Netherlands Militia minus peak and crest or a suitable sized piece of sprue along with the base of the turban to form the felt hat with the turban round the base then touch up with undiluted PVA white glue.

The Cossacks need either a piece of paper or material soaked in PVA and then wrapped round to form the hat.

I will then use PVA on the base of the tunic down to the boot, to give the impression of the baggy trousers.

Trim off any unwanted equipment holsters, pennants, gun sights, pockets, beards etc.

Paint the felt hat black, the rest of clothes as far as I know were not uniformed, so you can paint the shirt, trousers and boots a variety of colours even paint on a waist coat or two.

Well I hope this helps

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ottoman Turks

Excellent, Brian.
It's good to see even in this time of multitudes of sets that good, old conversions still have their place.
I'll go to work on your suggestions.....& keep hoping GerMan will produce the sets they've promised & that they're of decent quality.
best wishes, donald

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ottoman Turks

My sources- scarce as they may be- indicate that the Turks had Modern Artillery that they purchased/captured from European powers along side Mideivel artillery. When I start my Ottoman Army, I intend on mixing some of the Mideivel artillery with some Russian and Austrian guns. I may even throw in a few French Guns for good measure (from the Egyptian campaign). My sources also tell me that the Artillery crew came from the Janissaries, so conversions with the Orion set may not be too difficult. Ger-Man also has a mixed set of Infantry and Artillery on its future releases list.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ottoman Turks

Hi Donald,

Glad you like the idea and I think I need to find time to try out my own theory, painting Ottoman's was well down on my backlog of things to paint, however after painting Brunswickers in there Black uniforms I think I need something colourful to paint next.

This web site may also help

and don't forget we also have Italeri Mamelukes coming
Regards ~ Brian

Re: Ottoman Turks

I'm also trying to build a Napoleonic Ottoman Army but, I'm really struggling it needs a quality and reliable manufacturer like Strelets to do a range to really do it justice.

I would love strelets to do something similar to a company called The One Tree Miniatures alas these are 15 mm metal figures

Re: Re: Ottoman Turks


I am Turkish.And I live in Turkey.An Ottoman-Turkish set was my dream.Thnaks to hat and orion it came true.I think manufacturers think that they wont sell ottman-turkish sets.We have a little market here in Turkey, some revell and italeri.However last year my hobbyshop brought Hat to turkey, just because they had a turkish set WW1 ottomans.And It sold well, and another hobbyshop brougt some more along with imex.I think any good crafted ottoman army will sell.They are natural enenmies for nearly all european sets from the same era.What people here think? What are the want lists? Mine is WW1 irregular kurdish cavalry, because I am half Kurdish.And It will never be made.

Re: Re: Re: Ottoman Turks

Hi Firat,

what would you think about a Turkish army for the Crimean war and the Russo-Turkish war of 1877?

A napoleonic Turkish army for the landbattle of Abukir 1799 and some to beat the British in 1807...

1839 Turkish-Egyptian war etc.

Beside this some Turkish cavalry for WW1 would be great!

Turkish Seldjuks fighting Byzanz and the Russians.

So many opportunities for Turkish armies. BTW, are there any good uniform-books about the Turkish army in Turkey? I have this small booklet with the uniforms around 1900. But I found no other Turkish books.


Getting your ideas started

Hi Uwe

I think you have made an excellent point. An English-speaking company will be more likely to make a set if they have good English sources to work from. Equally a Ukrainian or Italian company would be looking for sources in their mother tongue. I read some posts on this forum and think "Great, but who knows what they look like?". If there is no Osprey or Funcken book on the subject they may struggle, so I suggest if someone wants a set made, provide some good books or websites with as much detail and as many images as possible and you stand a better chance.

Re: Getting your ideas started


I am not into the books that much.And I didnt look for books in Turkey. but I have some osprey books on Turkish history.There are very good pictures from which great figures can be made.orion janissaries and hats turkish artilerry are just out of osprey books.early Ottoman army uniforms are very colorful and unique and hard to convert from existing sets.Waiting for orions ottomans cavalry and lucky toys medieval ottoman army(ceasers sculpter very goood,)

Re: Re: Getting your ideas started

I have a binder in my collection with uniforms of the Turkish army from 1600-1900. There are very good colourplates available for the crimean war (Strelets in case you need some to cheer you up, please ask )

Beside this I've got a Turkish booklet with uniforms for the army around 1900. The title is "Ottoman military organization and uniforms 1876-190 . In the bibliography are 26 books listed as sources.