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Zvezda Strelets and Strelets strelets

Dear Strelets
I have many of your little "proof of purchase" items, the bonus Strelets- actually 42 of them.
Some of them complement the Zvezda Strelets set like the musket loaders and those blowing on their matches. There are some which duplicate the Zvezda poses although the uniforms differ in an authentic way.
Have you considered issuing these as a set and creating a few peasant levies to go with them?
The Strelets figure quality varies a lot, as is to be expected because of the time period, but some are directly comparable to Zvezda's superb sculpting. The musket loaders are sorely missed from the Zvezda set and one or two other key poses. Some of the other Strelets*R Strelets can be modified to make artillery men.

Also the non painters might like them in one colour. Terracotta? to go with the Zvezda ones.

Re: Zvezda Strelets and Strelets strelets

Dear David,

alas we can't reproduce those figures that have been used in our old sets in a new one because the master models are destroyed during the molding process. If we make an early GNW set it will contain at least a dosen of streltsy in it but that will be completely new figures. Obviously we will choose the poses taking into account what has been done by Zvezda.
Peasant levy is, in our opinion, a subject for an entirely separate set and possibly we will make such a set in future.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Zvezda Strelets and Strelets strelets

Dear Strelets,

what would you think about Polish infantry to have some other enemies for the Strelizty? They would be a good addition to Harons horsemen.


Strelets strelets

Dear Strelets
Thanks for your reply.
Unless Zvezda change their policy they are not likely to do a set with lots of poses in them so Strelets*R strelets are always going to be welcome. Of course, as you know, the peasant levies would do for a broad period.
At least I have enough to start with.

I know Orion/Haron has some excellent 17th c. Cossack masters ready to be done. Maybe Haron could be prodded with a sharp stick.

Uwe's suggestion of Polish infantry is an excellent one and additionally could go well with 30 Years War stuff.

With Zvezda's wooden forts and Pegasus's log cabins, a fairly complete set up emerges.

I must admit my enthusiasm for this period stems from the computer game "Cossacks". This sold 2.5 million copies in 2004 so there must be a lot of people out there who want to "flesh" it out. The new Cossacks II Napoleonic Wars
web site-
looks amazing it will probably take people away from Nappy modelling to start with then bring them back in their millions.

Re: Strelets strelets

He David, my interest for this period was born too while playing Cossacks. I will join Uwe in his suggestion for Polish infantry. (A nice job fot Strelets perhaps? BTW, a Peasant levy set sounds good..)

Re: Re: Strelets strelets

Dear Christian

Yes I got the European Wars one afterwards. I wish they would go back to the first one with the new graphics and game engine that they have on the new Napoleonic version.
Vityazes,Serdiuks,Pandurs,Roundshiers would be great in plastic as well.

Re: Re: Re: Strelets strelets

Hi friends,

to cheer you up for this period there are some very good made Polish films. Don't ask me for the original Polish titles... It is a three part series, two of them ware made in the 70ies and the last one some years ago.

War against against the Swedes
War against the Turks

The latest one "Fire and Sword" is fighting against the Cossacks with a lot of good fighting szenes. Polish troops with German mercenary artillery against the Cossacks and some Tatars. A very good movie!!