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To S*R ???

Why, after 2 weeks, have you not posted my Contributions for the Anglo-Boer Wars? There are other members who are non-painters who would enjoy seeing my work. And not one painter has yet said they are ready to send to you a painted contribution. If I painted my fingernail, you would post it.

Second time, again, you disapoint me (and I have been one of your biggest supporters).


Re: To S*R ???

Dear Dave,

simply you tend to send your contributions when we have our holidays .
You contribution was duly received and forwarded to the webmaster yesterday. Hopefully it will be published within soon.
Best regards and thanks for your contribution,


Re: Re: To S*R ???

Dear Strelets-R,

When you created this 1/72 site, and also created the best "Forum" for truly soft plastic figurines, you gave up all personal rights for vacations. No excuses!

Always respectully yours - Dave H.

Re: Re: Re: To S*R ???

Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R ???

All of your loyal customers appreciate your tireless efforts to give us, your fans, the very best of the very best in 1/72 truly soft plastic military figurines!

Thank you!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R ???


Again very interesting conversion ideas. Well done.

awesome conversions

Congratulations, Dave Hennen and thank you for sharing these artillery sets with us. While it is obvious who the parents of the figures were, what about the guns? They are also very, very nicely done.

Thank you,


Re: Re: Re: To S*R ???

I agree. Before Strelets takes a "holiday" they should run it by the Forum first. ;-)


Re: Re: To S*R ???

when you have finished the Crimea Turks.
And the Turk, British & french Artillery.
Then you can have a vacation. :)



Re: Re: Re: To S*R ???

Hey Stan, I know this is a bit off-topic, but your name reminds me of the second-biggest Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered!

notes on the converts

Hennen dude ,now you've gone and shown off again , how about a few notes on the conversions like the guys are asking for. I guess the guns are metal 20MM ACW.

Re: To S*R ???


Great job on the an the Anglo-Boer artillery.
Now paint them !


To all Forum Members ...

Thank you so much, all of you, for your well received comments (First time I have ever used this icon - I am humbled by you!).

All of my conversions are soft plastic which are readily avialable today from your favorite supplier. But ...

... but it is not my intention to discourage the S*R Team from expanding it's "Anglo-Boer Wars" Range. Please, please, please make us some artillery!

I'm in the middle of my usual crazy Tokyo week, so will let you know more later.

Cheers Mates!

tail ender again

Dear Dave

Here I am tail ending again.

Last with the news .


Inspiring conversions worth waiting for.

That oxen at the front wants bringing under control. He must have seen one of his lady friends. Sort it out with a quick shot of progesterone or prozac - oops they didn't have it then.

That Boer artillery piece looks great.
Next task - unlimbered and firing.

Don't work so hard that you don't leave time for the essentials- your collecting and modelling.

Thanks for sharing your pics.

Re: tail ender again

Hi David,

I wished I had the Terracotta Red color Airfix set from my childhood of WWI Royal Horse Artillery to make the same set of cassion riders with S*R Boer heads. All I could find in my wifes closet were the ACW cassion riders. Hmm? Maybe I messed up and threw away the old origianl colors when HaT re-issued the WWI Royal Horse Artillery in Green and then again in Tan. Durn! Never, never, never throw anything away. Hope I find some in my move to Texas soon!

Your idea of Artillery firing the cannons is that I am hoping the S*R Team will be inspired to make perfect sets with crews. My stuff is only a "stop-gap" until the S*R Teams does it up right!

Cheers Mate - Time for me to go Toy Soldier Dreaming ...

Re: Re: tail ender again

Hi Dave,

in case you need some them send me a mail with your adress. I have a lot of them.

And I would like to paint some of your figures (he,he).


Re: Re: Re: tail ender again

Dear Uwe,

Thank you for your compliments and offer. I would like to do something with you, send you some figures or cannons to keep for painting, but after I get moved to the U.S. this year end. Mailing from Japan is a nightmare. I mailed a box to HaT and the postman complained my little box didn't fit thier standard size, so I said, "Just send it" and walked away. HaT got a crushed box. He must have literally stepped on it to get it to fit his little measurements. I have enjoyed my Japan experience, but I am tired of their inflexibility and looking forward to more freedom and open air back home. By the way, my wife has worked for SAP, the German software company for 6 years. It has been the best job for her. She has gotten complete support from H.Q. in Germany.

Take care for now and thanks again!

Re: Re: Re: Re: tail ender again

Hi Dave,

I have another friend who lives as a teacher for German language in Okinawa. He told me interesting stories about Japan and especially the language...
He sent me a lot of japanese historical movies for my collection. Really interesting stuff and the language is a pleasure to hear!

After the experience with the movie pack I know what you mean::))

If you take a look at Kai Fuhrmanns homepage and scroll down to Gallery than you will find conversion from Detlef Strunk, all of them colonials. I have some more photos from his work. For example an ambulance wagon for the Australian lighthorse. Very great work. And the way to make the conversions is amazing!

In case your job will lead you to Germany you know where to find me!


terracotta warrior

Dear Dave
I only bought two sets of those WWI artillery in terracotta when they first came out. I still have one of the old boxes (without contents).
Believe it or not but I did a similar conversion with the Esci Brit Zulu War heads about 20 years ago.
An Airfix classic.

Re: terracotta warrior

Hi David,

The Esci foreign service helmets/heads are pretty good. To me, one of the most important details is the air vent on the top. Can you see how I have carved every one, including the Boer, to show the vent? Made me crazy Esci sprews are always attached to the top of the helmet - their Romans too, which just about guarantees you lose this detail.

I tried this same coversion with A Call To Arms Zulu British but they are truly HO, so too small, even for Airfix bodies. The S*R foreign service helmets are "just perfect!" for conversions.

I think Colonial Wars fans will be pleasantly surprised when I submit my Part II - Light Artillery, Ambulance and Supply Wagon conversions which includes the maxim machine gun nest (3 guys with pith helmets). I've done the tripod group, an Afghan Wars type scratchbuilt maxim on table-type legs, and a single horse-drawn cassion/maxim. You can see this one in your book Uniforms Illustrated No. 19 The Boer War on page 47, and my Pom-Pom guns on pages 46 (Boer) and 50 (British), and the Boer Cannon page 45, and Ambulance scenes pages 16 and 59.

Cheers for now!