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What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?


1. British Colonial Armies (All - Sudan, Zulu, India ... )

2. American Colonial (Spanish-American, etc.)

3. WWI or Roman ... hmmm ... , ... I can't decide!

Your favvvooorrriiittteeesss ... please ...

(Never underestimate the power of reminding the major manufacturors where their "Bread and Butter" come from ...

Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

1. British Colonial Armies (All - Sudan, Zulu, Boer, Boxer Rebellion ... )

2. American Colonial (Spanish-American, Philippine War, Boxer Rebellion, Indian Wars etc.)

3. Second Empire French (Crimea 1850s, Italy 1859, Mexico 1860s, Franco-Prussian War 1870)

Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

Since I mostly do wargaming, the fav3 shoud be like...
- British colonial wars + french foreign legion
- ww2 british paratroopers and commandos
- feudal japan

Where to start?

There's such a wide range, its hard to know where to start. Maybe three isn't enough. Since you seem to have meant general periods, my three would be

1) Ancient/Midevil

2) 1700s,

3) WWI/Modern (that's my can't decide )

There's more of course, but I'll keep it to those three, as that's about what my budget can realistically handle, given the industry's current output of sets. All three periods, also have great potential for navy sets too.

Re: Where to start? Navy :-)

Excellent point mostly overlooked, Andrew, we need more Navy/Naval battle sets. I'd love some "Landing Party" poses to go with action poses manning the guns.


Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

1.- Spanish tercios
2.- Spanish civil War
3.- Colonial campaigns of the nineteen century

Re: Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

I would say, I have the same ideas as Arlin. Good choice.

Colonial campaigns sounds the most wanted. Maybe early colonials too - Wellington in India for example.


Re: Re: Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

He all,
1. Napoleonic armies,
2. 18th century, Prussia and the smaller german states
3. Medieval or WW2, can't deccide

BTW, I don't have colonials myself yet, but it seemed tha I gonning to buy the Strelets Boers, the are just great! (see them at


Re: Re: Re: Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

My favorites:


2. Napoleonic

3. Thirty Years War

Ancients are quickly approaching with the release of the Ceaser and Hat sets. Don't do Colonial, but WWI is starting to peak my interest. Have mercy on my budget and game room.

Re: Re: Re: Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

DUe to the beauty of the uniforms, especially on well painted figures my three are:

1. British in the 1768 clothing regulations.

2. Late 19th century British in red jackets (Zulu war period 1879-1882).

3. 3rd Crusade, Robin Hood/Ivanhoe

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

1. British Colonial Armies (All - Sudan, Zulu, Boer, Boxer Rebellion ... ) and I'm VERY excited to finally be able to recruit more soldiers to my army. Strelets rock!
2. WW2 - and looking forward to putting my hands on those new Orion paratroopers, also can't wait for Armorfast's Hanomag and Stug to support my vast numbers of German Infantry. Also I've stocked up on Cromwell tanks from Forces of Valor - believe it or not, they're less than $8 at Target.

3. Ancients - although Hat has just disappointments in store for this era - Coates & shines is worse than LW , I'm looking forward to Caesar's and Lucky toy's figures.

4. Can't get enough of 17. and 18. century figures.


You must either have stocked up on Conquistadors years ago, or like me you are waiting to see what Caeser releases.

well formed

Dear all

I am not bothered as long as they are imaginative and well sculpted and give me joy.

Some -"Heart of Darkness" type Africans from up the Congo
Some - French or other 18th cent citizens revolting and not so revolting.
Some - more Mongols
Some - more Indians from India (not in uniform) of the 18th/19th c.

wouldn't go amiss.

I feel a bit like Christopher Robin

Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

1. Napoleonic
2. 7 Years Wars (& 30 YW too)
3. Mongols

Re: Re: What's Your Favorite 3 ... ?

Everything sounds good to me. But I think you often refer to periods still manufactured by several companies. Because I'm posting here at the strelets forum I think it's the right place to name some periods which fit perfectly to the multifigure (more than 40 different figures)range of strelets. They would be fantastic for skirmish games:

1) French and Indian War (all parties)
2) Mogadischu 1993 (a complete Black Hawk Down range)
3) Legends of the old west (different cowboy, desperado, mexican, lawmen etc. posses)