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Question to Strelets


A few days ago you asked for reference material/images of mounted Napoleonic French infantry officers of about 1814.

Does that mean you plan a set of mounted command figures in the future? Thanks.


May be

Re: May be

That would be good news. Any other forum members happy that this might be a possibility? What other brigade level officers do you want to see?

Re: Re: May be

I could do with mounted & foot command for just about all Nappy armies; right now I often use Kennington metal mounted officers and convert standard bearers, but proper command sets would be marvelous!

Re: Question to Strelets

I'm with you!!!!!!!!!!!
yes yes yes, please Strelets, give us a set of French mounted officers and, why not, a combined set of Prussian and RUssian, another of British, Spanish and Portugueses, another of AUstrian, Swedish, another of German states...

yes, please!