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Re: Re: British Lancers

I'm not sure Allenby had any Lancers with him during the PalestineMesopotamia campaigns. Plenty of pictures and references of mounted infantry and regular cavalry but no lancers. By mid-WWI most armies were giving up on the lance. They just weren't long enough to take out a machine gun position

Re: Re: Re: British Lancers

It's interesting to see how old weapons make it back into use. Aren't rockets just like extended lances in a way?

Re: Re: British Lancers

I don't think that they wore that sort of pith helmet in middle east

radu -- as Turks?

Dear Petrovici Radu

Hope no floods in your area.

The Brit Lancers would probably make good Turks for Mespot and Palestine. Some of the helmets have more of a Turkish look about them though it is always hard to tell from photos. Brit cavalry equipments changed. Why on earth did they keep changing they should have kept the good old Nappy/Crimean uniforms until they wore out .
The Wolseley helmet is the big difference. A good Wolseley helmet on a 1/72nd scale figure is needed. Infantry initially had 1903 equipment but webbing a little later on so 8th Army figures could be looked at. Most cavalry (and yeomanry) units fought as mounted infantry. British Lancers were in the Desert Mounted Corps of 1918 - a lot of horses and some camels in this formation.
Bengal lancers is a broad term and indeed regiments of Bengal lancers would have looked different. Typical is the 9th Lancers Hodson's Horse which fought at Megiddo and Damascus. The "Bengal" was dropped in 1903 but the 9th is a Bengal Lancer regiment. They often fought and rode in their undershirt as well as their tunic and the horses had a lot of baggage on them.
Figures of Indian infantry are sadly lacking but to consider both Mespot and Palestine without them would be like missing out at least half of the allied army.

thanks for the feed-back

As my intention was to build some more colourful units in WWI from the future Strelets colonial range, you have rightfully dissuaded me from doing so, at least for the sets I thought I could cheat a bit. But turkish cavalry out of the british lancers is a great idea. Thank you so much.

And - no floods. Thanks for the concern.


Young Winston

From the looks of it i think it might do, although probably for the charge at omdurman rather than the boer war.