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To Strelets*R - When will 053 - Highlanders 1898-1902 be released? Thanks!

Hopefully by the end of 2006

Re: Hopefully by the end of 2006

Great news S*R!

I hope this means there will be some more expansion sets for the Boer Wars, and Sudan, Khartoum, Zulu Wars and so on!

All of the colors and quality of the new sets in this April's Futures Boer Wars release look wonderful. I can't wait to see the new British Khaki-Tan color in my hands.

Just a thought, but I would like to see the Highlanders run in both Terracotta Red and Khaki-Tan representing both Kitchener's Sudan and the Boer wars.

"Darned if you don't give a mouse a cookie, and then he asks for a glass of milk, too!"

My gratitude to you and to all the S*R Team for a really great new group April release - Happy Summer!