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Napoleonic French Artillery, which 1 do you want?

I have been amazed recently by the number of postings regarding the forthcoming Zvedza Napoleonic French Line Foot Artillery, especially considering that the figures have still not been seen yet. Whatever is in the box and assuming that it is going to be of the usual high quality sculpting, and hoping that it will be in 1/72nd scale there will still be some disappointment since in the approximately 25 year span of the Napoleonic wars there was at least 3 different uniforms used by the French. My hope is for the 1807-1812 period uniform since this can be used for the Peninsular War against the Spanis (when somebody makes them), the Portugese (when somebody makes them) and the British (when somebody makes them). The later period may 1 day (century) be covered by Imex and the earlier period is just a head swop conversion.

So not having looked at the box art for this set yet my question is for which period is it suited and also which period do the readers actually want?

Best regards,


Well, I guess the one zvezda is making

Well the box dates the artillery suited for 1810-1814. That is different from the period you mention. I know very little about this, so I will leave it to the experts to comment on this.
But I do want this set as I am focussing on the Borodino battle (as is zvezda). From what I have read and the pictures I have seen, the general appearance of the men looks good for this battle.
I am also gathering figures for the Waterloobattle, though I don't know if these men can be used.But I count on IMEX for this one.

Many regards

P.S. A while ago I wrote to hat and asked them if they were considering making French artillery. They did answer that it was very likely to follow.


Thanks for the information. This 1810 period should mean long coat tails and diagonal lapels. Basically that means that if they are made in dress uniforms with gaiters by giving them a tricorn hat you cover the AWI period, with a bicorn the early French up to the adoption of the shako. So not accurate for Waterloo but extremely welcome for all the earlier periods.

Best regards,