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Rebel General Staff

Congratualtions, looks great, keep that standard and improve a little the horses and horse equipment, in my opinion your best set ever.

Re: Rebel General Staff

Yes, it's a really good set. But one Question to strelet's: PSR says the last figure is a captain Ross, and they found nothing in the internet and in other sources. Can you say who is this and where he fought etc.?


Re: Re: Rebel General Staff

Well, if you run a google search for Captain+Ross+confederate you get some matches, like Lawrence Sullivan "Sul" Ross, brigade general, someone captain R.R. Ross and some other names. As a matter of fact Lawrence Ross DOES resemble the figure in question. Check for reference

Mystery Confederate

Since we posted that article we have had quite a number of suggestions for this figure. Interestingly, we have not yet had 2 suggestions the same! There were of course many Mr Ross in the civil war, but which one is this - we await Strelets to enlighten us!

Re: Rebel General Staff

i dont understand why people in US hate confederate flag? yhis flag is more beatifoul that current us flag can onyone tell me that


The thing with flags is they usually represent something, so the beauty or otherwise of a particular design has little to do with it. clearly many in the us love the csa flag (for political reasons) and others hate it for the same reasons.

at least the current us flag is interesting - not just 2 or 3 vertical or horizontal bars like so many. I thought south africa did really well with its new flag a few years ago.

and pickett?

Where is one of the most unlucky Generals in war history ever? this poor guy, who has to give his name for an complete insane attack - I miss him.

Re: and pickett?

To be fair, Pickett's fame is based on only three actions, on two of which he came out badly. Even if you were doing Gettysburg you wouldn't need Picket except for the thrid day. To me the question isn't why they omitted Pickett, but why they included A.S. Johnston.

Re: and pickett?

Do AS Johnston for Picket, that will fit well.

Re: Re: and pickett?

Strelets have indicated this is set 1 of a 2 set confederate generals series. set 1 mounted. set 2 on foot. Picket is most likely to be represented in the foot set along with others such as Armistead with the famous pose of sword raised with hat aloft leading the charge at Gettysburg.

Re: Flags

I Agree. That and the Union Jack have to be the most often displayed flags in the world. I think the similarity is not a just co-incidence.

The Wrong Symbol

Dave Hennen
Message: Yes Holly,

I can tell you an answer. Although the Confederate Flag is "Cool Looking" it represents the last thing America stands for - "Slavery." The "Stars & Stripes" today stand for Freedom for all "Free Men, Free Women, and Free Families" in the world. Americans, are the peoples of the world. But they are "You Too." My Father's ancestors are from the South and my Mothers ancestors are from the North. We all agree "Free Peoples" are best for the future of all of us.

Flags are "Cloth" but the "Stars & Stripes" and the symbolism that the freedom it represents are popular. Just look at some of the asian countries like Malasia.

You ask a good question, Holly, so please post your opinion to my opinion. After all, you are just asking about a piece of rag cloth.

Happy Collecting

Re: Mystery Officer

The mystery officer in the excellent Strelets Confed genls is Fitzhugh Ross, an Austrian officer attached to Lee's staff at Gettysburg. (See Don Troiani's depiction.)


Re: The Wrong Symbol

To go a step even further, the typical "Confederate Flag" (the kind you see in the rear windows of pickup trucks) is actually the battle flag that Joe Johnston introduced to the Confederate Army of the Tennessee in 1864. Since the Civil War, it has been used by hate groups and bigots for their own agendas. As a native of Ohio, I have seen this flag displayed more often in southern Ohio and Kentucky (Union States) than anywhere in the South. "Rednecks" and Racists love this flag. I beleive it does a great disservice to the men that actually fought under it (whether they were pro-slavery or not). The official flag(s) of the Confederate government (there were three between 1861-1865) are rarely displayed outside of Living History circles. By the way, I beleive the term "redneck" has been beaten to death , and should only be used in referring to Michigan farmhands, as the term was originally intended.

Re: Rebel General Staff

I would have to agree with Paul in reaard to the mystery figure, after all his attire is that of no other civi; War uniform with a very European look

Set Demands New Level of Sophistication

Mssr. Carnot,

I agree. This is certainly "one of the best" sets produced by the S*R Team.

In fact, they are so good, I have to memorize their real names to go with their real personalities. No more making-believe with these fine figurines. No faceless soldiers in thier latest releases!

I can only hope us U.S. customers :-( are able to get some sets before summer.

Au Revoir for now & Happy Collecting

Re: Set Demands New Level of Sophistication

Hello Dave,

would you be interested to see the sculptor's face behind this set?


Re: Re: Set Demands New Level of Sophistication

Dear Strelets-R,

Yes, I most certainly would be honored to see. In fact, all of your customers would be. But as we have discussed on the forum about scluptors and confidentiality, would I be wrong in guessing we will find him immortalized in one of the figurines masters? This would be unique, or an actual picture, or ... ?

As for me, I can't wait; I'm chomping on my bit wanting to kick the gate down.