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Re: Re: To Strelets*R Team

Hi, Danny,
exactly. But with the current scope of production all these requests may well appear soon.
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: To Strelets*R Team

Let's hope so,Donald.
Emhar's previeuws of Peninsular War are looking promising. I hope they do more Napoleonic.
Till so far I didn't bought any set of Emhar but after seeing the painted Vikings on Plastic Soldier,they look so great.


Dear all
In addition to 1/72nd scale plastic the Napoleonic period has been well catered for in metal (all scales just about) and diorama/competition models in 1/35th (and larger) resin, metal and plastic.

I wonder how many people collect figures of different media and scales, other than 1/72nd, but loyal to the Napoleonic period?

I pose this question because somebody used the term insatiable but this could be because nobody has attempted to define the 1/72 plastic figure "appetite". Are the appetites that of the gastronome or gourmet or both combined?

On the face of it when you look at the Napoleonic period on PSR there are lots of offerings but for example when you look at the figure comparisons of French Line Infantry there seems to be nothing for 1815 or none in overcoats. It almost needs a ground up stock take is what is needed to help satiate the appetite.
More, more seems to be the cry but shouldn't we also help and offer advice to manufacturers to upgrade and fill the glaring gaps in plastic figures for the Napoleonic period as well.