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Crimean War Russian Coats see my figs

Dear Hank
Look at my figs in the contributions section. They are a base grey (3 shades) but with a light khaki wash. This gives a lot of variations. If you compare with the Bersaglieri pic you will will see that their grey has a more bluey appearance. British Overcoats had more of a steel grey look.
The Emhar colour is fine on the box art but they were not Khaki which it might be mistaken as. The reference I used was the Sebastopol panorama painting which was rigorously researched and shows numerous variations of the grey from the fresh from the stores to the well worn. A wide range of colours.

All in grey but they can be made to look different.

PS In my opinion Strelets paint job seems to be fine in their painted section of the CW Russian infantry.


Dear Uwe

British sources probably use the term grey because that is how the majority would have described it at the time of the CW ; grey = neutral, nondescript. Khaki as a widespread term comes in a little later and could represent a range of earthy colours- more yellowy brown in Victorian times.In British parlance Khaki now has the greenish brown character associated with Brit uniforms of WWII and post war National Service. Humbrol 159 Khaki drab is the grass colour I use for the bases but very green. In English, the colour beige is a wonderful catch all and probably is the term we would use now to describe something vague in colour and those greatcoats.
Cadogan uses an ochre wash on his waterclours to make the distinction between the overcoats of Russians and other grey overcoats so he didn't see them as grey but he starts from grey.

Vallejo's Model Color 880 Khaki Grey looks a good base colour, a kind of halfway house to develop the Russian overcoat "spectrum" from.

I agree with the Rava Italeri box art but foreground only as the background has been given a dramatic orange hue.

Re: Khaki

Hi David,

I absolutely agree with your words. Yes Cadogan painted them in this style and I took also a look at the Sevastopol panorama.

I wrote about the Rava-Painting without taking a look at the box. I remembered the figures in the front line. Don't know how the back ones looked like.

As for the Humbrol colour 159 you mentioned, is this an acryl colour or the old model colour?
As Vallejo is still my favorite manufactor I will take a look if I have the 880 Khaki at home.

What do you say to Andreas Russian Khaki?