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Re: some ideas for British Seige Crimean artillery?

The Russian made set by LW #39 Medieval Mortar makes the perfect British Seige Mortar by simple conversion.

Use only 2 of the pieces, the base and barrel. Simply (1) cut the "T" shape barrel mount off the bottom of the barrel, (2) drill a hole through the bottom of the barrel and plug only the straight portion of the T back into the bottom of the barrel, and lastly (3) press fit it onto the base backwards facing at an angle and, presto! Looks close enough for me to the mortars in the Osprey "Balaclava 1854" book pp. 32 & 34. Perfect mate (and opposition) to the Strelets*R Russian cannons. That easy

Happy Collecting

Re: Re: Crimean War Lancers /Russian Artilley

Thanks Zsolt,
I have now got some of these fugures via ebay Appreciate your help and advice .Hank