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French Dragoons in Attack box art

Another very fine piece of box art for forthcoming set 253. The horses here look almost too good for a unit of WoSS French Dragoons, but they are taking the stream with all the style of steeple-chasers. Good also to see the artist depicting the red and blue facings of the famous dragoon regiment of Rohan-Chabot, if I'm not mistaken.

This is shaping up to be a cavalry-bonanza towards the end of this year.

Re: French Dragoons in Attack box art

Agree with you Mark. I'm loving the new art work-well done Strelets! Really looking forward to all these dragoon sets.

Re: French Dragoons in Attack box art

Amazing box-art...piece for collection ... ciao, have you a nice week.

Re: French Dragoons in Attack box art

That is some really wonderful box art!
Love the horses taking on the stream/brook!!