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Re: War of 1812

Thanks for reminding folks about our part in Mr. Madison's War. Our American friends seem to forget many of the battles they won or lost were across Upper Canada (now the province of Ontario)and Quebec (then known as Lower Canada). Other commenters have covered all the conversions I used for my Brits, Canadian Militia, US Regulars, etc. However one set that isn't mentioned is the Italieri First Nations warriors. Athough designed for the AWI, it's a must have for most battles in this war.
The one unit that I have not been able to assemble is Gen. McArthur's Kentucky militia-style cavalry, in buckskins and round hats, which devastated British and native force at the Battle of the Thames and almost swept all the way across southern Ontario to potentially win the war in late 1813.

Re: War of 1812

I'm right across the pond from you Canadians in Rochester, NY, so no way have I forgotten the many battles fought on either side of Lake Ontario. I've walked down "Lundy's Lane many times. However, I figured the only way to get some interest was pushing the war's most famous battle.