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Re: A New Company/Figure Line Idea (aka Crazy Friday Morning Thoughts)

Although I can see the possible benefits of relatively inexpensive 'generic' shield-wall types to create large table-top blocks of infantry, I sense that the world of wargaming figures is moving very much in the other direction. Manufacturers of smaller scale ancients, in both plastic and metal - I'm thinking here of the likes of Plastic Soldier Company with their Mortem et Gloriam 15mm plastics range, and for example Museum Miniatures with their fantastic new 'Z' range - are making much of the enhanced detail, high quality and historical accuracy of their figures, which are a fair bit smaller than our 1/72 models. This is all a far cry from the early days of wargaming figures, when the likes of Peter Laing made figures which were sufficiently 'plain' (and tiny) to be used for a range of armies within an historical period.

So, probably not an idea which will take hold amongst the current figure manufacturers at a time when buyers are in pursuit of more highly-detailed and accurate models. your own 3D printer, find someone who will provide you with the software for a few generic 1/72 figure types and.....You too could have a shield wall of hundreds of 'similar and generic' figures:wink:

Re: A New Company/Figure Line Idea (aka Crazy Friday Morning Thoughts)

So I think there has been a bit of a misunderstanding because I worded the last paragraph rather poorly. These sets would not be actual generics, but quite distinctive in terms of their clothing (as in, Celts would look very Celtic, Vikings would be distinctively Vikings, etc.). My point was more that even when dressed distinctively they would be useful for a wide range of eras within their own periods, but the actual figures would be super distinctive from each other. Sorry about that.

Re: A New Company/Figure Line Idea (aka Crazy Friday Morning Thoughts)

So to give an example, imagine the poses from Strelets Mini's 004 Vikings but they are dressed more like this (except I would want to cut their helmets too):

Equipment would be SUPER simple, no swords, no armour, no helmets, etc. But they would still be quite distinctive from each other because of their facial characteristics, clothing styles, and shield designs. So you would end up with a similar effect to something like the latest Nappy Russian Infantry in Overcoats that was released, except the clothing styles would be even more distinctive because uniforms were, of course, not a thing at that point.