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Re: Bavarian Infantry contribution

Too right Roger, they are super figures and beautifully 'rendered' here.

I really like the slightly darker shade of blue for the Bavarians, which seems likely to be more appropriate for 'cornflour blue', but we all know the variation in colour with natural pigments and campaign wear and tear.

Excellent contribution. Thanks,


Re: Bavarian Infantry contribution

Indeed, Bavarians must be in the 'top 10 Napoleonic favourites' list of many modellers and wargamers, and these figures are beautifully-painted and presented. There is also a veritable Flag-Fest here. Well done Borodino!

Re: Bavarian Infantry contribution

What a fantastic group of figures.

Great painting and a high standard of casting with nice faces.

I love campaign dirty troops and these fit the bill, nicely.

Well done.

Best wishes,


Re: Bavarian Infantry contribution

thank you all ☺️

Re: Bavarian Infantry contribution

These are as always excellently painted and presented figures. I particularly liked the shabby trousers. For some reason when I try to muck them up, they just don't look right. Whereas these, well...