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Re: The Last Time

Smithfield Market
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
This shop definitely keep Strelets 1/72 figures .

Re: The Last Time

Thank you Ronald will check them out

Re: The Last Time

I visited that shop 3 years ago. It had all sorts of treasures from what I remember.

Re: The Last Time

Roger W
Part of the UK yes, but under a different set of trading rules with the EU compared to the rest of the UK, in an effort to make sure no border happens between Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.

So a sort of trade border exists in the Irish sea instead.....rightly or wrongly is a debate for elsewhere rather than on here.

Not sure where your based JAH, but if you live in the Republic, you should be able to buy stuff from Northern Ireland without all the hassle. Its when buying stuff from mainland UK that issues will arise.
Yes but, if I understand correctly Strelets sets are distributed from the UK, so they would be travelling from mainland Britain, to northern Ireland, to wherever JAH is.

A Northern Irish shop might be happy to sell its current stock at the old price but new stock would be subject to any new rules I suppose.

If I might put in a personal gripe regarding trade with the U.K. here: I've noticed several posts indicating that people in Europe are finding it too expensive to buy sets from Britain now. That being the case, would it make sense to make trade with Australia more attractive rather than less so? ATT. Drum and Flag, the new postage rates put you in the same 'Last resort' category as dealers in the U.S. or Italy.

Re: The Last Time

Thats true Graeme.
In terms of JAH, I mearly meant that if he lives in the Republic of Ireland, when buying from Northern Ireland, there wont be all the hassle and added expense of customs charges & postage handling fees etc. But yes the price of an individual set per say may be higher than normal.

Re: The Last Time

IF the sets available in Europe are still centrally distributed from the UK that's strange as I got mine from KAMAR for about 10€ so no price increase here. So if they got them from the old British distributor it seems there was no tax for importing them from the UK to Germany (yet?). But if that's actually the case shouldn't they sell for about the same price in the UK too? It actually looks as if it's the other way round viz. they are imported into the UK, therefore the higher price. But who knows?

Re: The Last Time

Prices in the UK are much the same, to us Brits, once it leaves the UK it is subject to local taxes this only seems to apply to EU countries, so if you order from outside of the EU from a UK seller it is business as usual Brexit has had no effect.

Re: The Last Time

Prices fluctuate but seem to be less here at the moment for strelets, but as always it depends on the vendor. I'm looking at 8-11€ a box...
I would guess that shipments have to pass through the EU first by road, but its just a guess...

I did read something a short while ago that shipping was avoiding docking at UK ports where they had large quantities of goods for the EU as well, and sending the UK stuff by road... apparantly less red tape/hassle/expence...

"The shipping lines were already calling less frequently because of their bigger ships but that is now more sporadic as they cut out stops on their journeys and offload containers at a more convenient port; so, the ports are caught between the rocks of poor container clearance and uncertain activity peaks. Containers that have been ‘landed’ in other European ports may then be loaded onto trucks to be moved into the UK or held to be loaded on a short sea shipping vessel to, perhaps a minor British Port." from: The Chartered institute of logistics and Transport UK.

And that was before Brexit 2020/21...

Import/Export tax... in the UK has always been rather dodgy more a case of win some loose some, and the rules seem rather fluid from what I can tell which doesn't help...

I can only sympathise...


Re: The Last Time

If you live in the republic,try the Dublin model shop in James’ street.
Walshie always has a great supply ofStrelets anytime I visit.Look up the website,I’m sure that some over the phone business can be arranged.🇮🇪👌

Re: The Last Time

Celtic warrior
If you live in the republic,try the Dublin model shop in James’ street.
Walshie always has a great supply ofStrelets anytime I visit.Look up the website,I’m sure that some over the phone business can be arranged.🇮🇪👌
Thanks went there on Friday great little shop.