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Re: War of Spanish Succession Artillery Train?

The WSS artillery sets were a little sparse for contents compared to other competitors sets.

Limbers, Caissons etc are in short supply for many era's.
So I echo Edwardians call for such equipment for the WSS. Napoleonics could use some too. As could Crimea, ACW, Zulu Wars etc.

I also understand Flambeau's concerns about fiddly harnesses etc when making such horse drawn equipment. While I do & will readily continue to buy such sets, the construction does frustrate me at times. Trying to get plastic "ropes" into sides of horses etc......& keeping them there!!! Enough to make someone pull their hair out!!!

However, stopping short of simplifying such parts like Airfix & Imex etc did, it's hard to see another way of doing it.

Normally horse trains are 2 or 3 horses each side in a line. So...what about making them so that each side of the train of horses is already moulded with harnesses/ropes attached?
Then the customer just has to paint each line of horses whilst still on the sprue and then could glue to a supplied base. The 2 lines of horses would then be ready for a limber, caisson or wagon to be attached. Riders for the train can be done as they have always been.

It would be hard work for a sculptor and the moulding process, but its the only way I can think of making horse teams easier to put together.
Would be a tough but interesting challenge for a manufacturer too.

Re: War of Spanish Succession Artillery Train?

I am tentatively expecting such a set or two in the future based on a comment Strelets made to myself last year here on this very forum, although further confirmation would be great! :grin: