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Re: Pascals super Austrian grenadiers

Great job indeed,

Pascal publishes everyday on Facebook and has a huge range of figures and all painted.

Look for Pascal Chevolleau on Facebook.
He is very reactive if you have questions.


Indeed, I have admired Pascal's work elsewhere and he certainly does have a huge collection of painted figures, possibly the largest single Napoleonic collection I have seen.

Re: Pascals super Austrian grenadiers

Your right Alan, Pascals painting style is wonderful.

Some more fantastic Austrians, well done Pascal!

Re: Pascals super Austrian grenadiers

May I add my belated admiration for these splendid figures. (Unfortunately real life has caught up with me of late)
It's a tricky style to emulate and to my mind works best on Napoleonics and the like.

Re: Pascals super Austrian grenadiers

A greath painting job can do miracles...well done !!

Re: Pascals super Austrian grenadiers

Bonjour à tous,
merci pour les compliments,mais juste un petit rectificatif je ne suis pas sur Facebook et ne suis pas le Pascal Chevolleau
Ma peinture débute sur une sous couche noir, puis j'éclaircie de plus en plus en utilisant la lumière zénithale comme pour les grandes figurines