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Re: Mystery box

James Fisher
Dear Alan,

This is really interesting. I realise that you were seeking an answer to your problem of 'extra' emails, but you have indirectly made many aware of this, I suspect. I am one of those... Regards, James
Make sure you click on the "Shipping Address Restrictions" link before ordering though, there's a mighty long list of countries they won't deliver to, including Australia and the U.S.

But it is theoretically a good idea, another company did this with figures and the participants were very happy with their "lucky dip".

Re: Mystery box

If you visit Airfix there is a choice of five mystery boxes, all offering a substantial saving, and the one`s people have posted on facebook all look to be great value for money, I will let you know what mine contains. Still getting the reminders thick and fast ;-)

Re: Mystery box

Sometimes Emails from vendors contain a link to cancel a subscription, check the small print...
Be aware though that scammers sometimes pose as genuine vendors...


Re: Mystery box

Thanks Ironsides, I have checked and nothing, a few moments ago Airfix replied and are on the case, but they also said, no idea why it is happening , getting a repeat message every couple of hours.

Re: Mystery box

The explanation from Airfix today, I signed up to be notified when the mystery box was back in stock, every time the contents change I get another notification.... that seems odd to me, except I suppose unless you are a habitual mystery box buyer and don`t want to duplicate. But mystery of the mystery box notifications solved.

Re: Mystery box

Wow so their changing the contents 50 times, they must be popular... should still be able to cancel the notification though... they really do need to get their site sorted...


Re: Mystery box

For those that asked, the box contents,. Beaufighter TFX P40-Warhawk and a Boulton Paul defiant all 1/72 £40 retail, so a little more than half price, and very good value.