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Re: WW2 Tommies—plus First World War limeys and Commonwealth

Alan Buckingham
Some idea`s 3in mortar full crew , 4 in mortar full crew , Bren prone firing with a number two spare magazine in hand. As the war progressed British troops got more automatic weapons for the most part that meant stens in one mark or another. Commando`s used Thompsons, but also Vickers k guns adapted for the infantry role. The Turtle helmet was increasingly in use and the MK 4 lee Enfield rifle was almost exclusive in use as the rifle for commonwealth forces in NWE. Bayonets were fixed when advancing and contact with the enemy expected . Brits often as today carried a lot of kit and ammo in combat, Vickers medium machine guns had a three man crew , they had to carry the gun, ammo, and water as well as personal kit, this cannot be done by one man one or two resent sets would suggest. The list of potential sets is mind boggling for the subject, infantry advancing, in close combat, medical, engineers, heavy weapons mortars , HW machine guns etc etc.
Many thanks to Strelets for birthday wishes even though I don't celebrate them as I get older!
Even more thanks for taking note of posts re British Tommies! It's good to know that some companies and people do actually listen to customer feedback.
Sounds like promising hints for the hopefully not too distant future!!
Looks like I've started something, how about keeping the ball rolling folks?
Nobody can please everybody all the time but Strelets has a **** good try so hats and helmets off for the Strelets team.
They're always raising the bar and setting new standards of sculping, moulding and accuracy in spite of occasional slips, but nobody's perfect.

It certainly looks like there's a much neglected market for British Infantry and Heavy Weapons sets.
Who knows what we'll see in future? I don't have a crystal ball but I always welcome new developments even in areas and periods I'm not really into.
So, come on let's hear it for the Tommies if we want to see them folks!!
Best wishes to all

Re: WW2 Tommies - wish comes true !

Hi guys,

It seems Mars is going to produce some.

See bennos forum link below:

I am really looking forward. Usually it takes about 4 months.