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Re: Nice week-end, gentlemen.

An Italian gun, superb, and crew to follow, I have touched one of these guns along time ago on Crete , but I did not recognize it , multiple uses for sure ,so put me down for a box or two.

Re: Nice week-end, gentlemen.

I've seen two of these guns in Crete. one in the village of Sivas in southern Crete and the other in my friend Georgios Hatzidakis's museum at Askifou, up in the Imbros plateau. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple of years ago, but his daughter still maintains the museum. It has many interesting exhibits from Stuka propellors, large guns, and even details of the famous kidnapping of General Heinrich Kreipe, which was the basis of the book and film 'Ill met by Moonlight'.

Anyone interested in WWII in Crete would find the place well worth the visit. Accommodation is readily available close by.

Re: Nice week-end, gentlemen.

I really like the WWI German with his dog; I got a bit excited when I saw the dogs floppy ears and wondered if it could be a scent hound. The muzzle looks a bit short, but that might just be the camera angle; and the tail is a bit too shaggy. But the ears are definitely a step in the right direction.:relaxed:

FYI I will buy any future set that has a good model of a foxhound in it.