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Re: One super happy camper

What have you got in mind Wayne for the forage caps?
I did wonder about if redcoats in India during the period, would have had a much more relaxed stance on uniform....what with the climate. Especially those redcoats who were aligned to the East India company, rather than the regular army. Can't imagine a big leather thing on their heads would of been popular!!!

Then of course what about the non-kilted highland regiments? At Waterloo it seems the shako was worn (73rd had Belgic shakoes), but in terms of the Peninsular campaign...??

Re: One super happy camper

Non-kilted Highlanders is what I was thinking about; been digging through my old books to double check. I might do it anyway, what the heck - it's MY Army. Of course, I could always paint some in green and make them "Chosen Men." I already know who my Sharpe will be. LOL

Re: One super happy camper

Sounds good Wayne!!
Yes I think you would get away with using them for non-kilted highlanders. I'm sure I have seen somewhere some dressed as such for during the war of 1812.

Re: One super happy camper

Nice post, James.

The set I am looking forward to buy is the WW1 field kitchen. Lovely sculpts and lots of conversion possibilities (dressing station, artillery crew, engineers...).

Re: One super happy camper

My new sets arrived this morning and they are impressive in terms of quality of figures and production. Detail is crisp and there is very little flash on any of the figures. The two WoSS artillery sets are very good, and the guns are in fact somewhat better than the pictures here suggest, although lacking in some of the detail on the gun carriages; but the gunners are excellent. I'm impressed also by the dismounted dragoons, all very good figures and now at the top of the painting queue once they emerge from their soapy-water bath.

Well done Strelets!