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WoSS Late War Dragoons in Reserve

Another fine piece of artwork here, and another very enticing set of War of Spanish Succession cavalry.

These cavalrymen are touted as 'Late War Dragoons', but in reality they are French Line cavalrymen mounted on dragoon horses - the latter simply by virtue of the tools in place of one pistol holster. French Dragoons throughout the war and for much of the C18th wore the distinctive dragoon cap, and so these gentlemen in their tricornes are very much line cavalrymen. They will serve well as French (and many others) well into the 1700s, including through to the War of Austrian Succession (1740s). So, all in all, a very useful set.

The drummer is fine, but limited to dragoon regiments. The cornet trying to keep his flag under control is a peculiar pose, reflected in the box artwork, and a pose limited to one or two only per army I'd suggest.

But all in all, a fine set of cavalrymen with at least 10 very useable poses.

Hopefully this will be amongst the pre-Christmas releases.

Re: WoSS Late War Dragoons in Reserve

This set for me, is how I would of liked to have seen the Napoleonic cavalry sets. If not in the usual action type poses, then "In reserve", rather than a sort of "at ease".
Cornet & drummer aside, the pose choices are all what I would have liked to have seen, or indeed maybe see for future sets. Sabres drawn, static but ready.

The WSS range certainly has it all....wonderful figures, fantastic horses & now beautiful boxart!!

Re: WoSS Late War Dragoons in Reserve

The nice thing here is, you can ignore the "French" in the description and use them as Bavarian or dragoons of some other nation without having to change much if anything. So even if not exactly "French" still a very useful set.

Re: WoSS Late War Dragoons in Reserve

Dear Mark,

I was wondering and reckon that you might be keeping count; how far into Strelets' "at least 11 more" for the (nominally) War of Spanish Succession is that?

Regards, James

Re: WoSS Late War Dragoons in Reserve

Hi James,

I reckon that we have 9 cavalry sets waiting in the wings, and at least two infantry sets (Austrians marching, and now probably a Firing Line set too).

However, the cuirassier officer posted a few days ago now raises the possibility of a tenth cavalry set, so perhaps we are over the magic total 11 mark already??

I guess we await a tidal wave of C18th century cavalrymen before year end,.... hopefully.:yum:

Regards, Mark

Re: WoSS Late War Dragoons in Reserve

I like them, they are full of character! I can just imagine the officer calling out to the others in French saying "hey guys, has anyone seen a messenger with orders recently?" They all look around, a little confused. :grin:

As a pure pre-1789 AD collector that is not interested in diorama poses, this WoSS range is pretty much the only thing garnering my attention at the moment. A truly remarkable range already that looks like it will easily be the deepest pre-Nappy line in entire 1/72 scale.

Re: WoSS Late War Dragoons in Reserve

Really stunning artwork again. Mark, apart from incorrect holsters, would any other changes be required to make these French line cavalry or even Gendarmerie De France?