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Medieval city levy

Hello, here are some figurines from the box below.
I painted them just for fun and will give them to my son to play.

Nice figures in the style of Strelet but with very expressive faces.
Not too difficult to paint and the details are well marked I think.
I didn't do all the poses in the box.

family photos

Thank you for your attention

Re: Medieval city levy

Nicely painted and based. Yes, I agree that this is a relatively easy set to paint and to produce good results.

What age is your son? Are you introducing him to model soldiers...the hobby needs some younger participants!

Best wishes,


Re: Medieval city levy

My son is 8 years old and what is certain is that patience is not his first quality...
I tried to put a brush in his hands but he held it for no more than 5 minutes and said "it's too hard"...

Re: Medieval city levy

Dear Raph,

So beautifully painted! Your inking style works really well.

Character-filled faces have long been one of the hallmarks of Strelets, for mine.

Thanks for the joyful morning viewing!

Regards, James

Re: Medieval city levy

Yea afraid many of the youngsters have gone more the LOTR, Game of Thrones, and Warhammer route than sticking with pure history topics. Hoping a few will trickle back over closer to the historical side as they age; being interested in such "near fantasy" topics clearly proves they have an interest in how past systems worked, just needs to be presented differently. My opinion of course.