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Re: Alexander Cavalié Mercer

Roger W
Good to know that graves of some of our military men of note are getting looked after.

Also very glad to hear that the statue wasnt taken down either. I'm not a fan of "editing" our history to suit politics of the day.
We should keep monuments to our past on public display.....with their historical "warts" & all. We should not shy away or hide any terrible history just because it isn't all rosy.
If anything we need to keep such monuments on public display so that people who wonder who he/she is, might be tempted to learn more about them....the good, the bad & the ugly!!
Keeping them helps tell a story, one lessons can be learned from even today.
Instead of tearing them down, they should have metal plaques on them, telling the story of what good they did, what wrong & how today we should interpret said actions.

Our history has both its good & its bad. We should own it, learn from it & not erase it.
Hear hear!

Re: Alexander Cavalié Mercer

On a personal note, David, I'm very glad to see you making an appearance again on this forum. I keep crossing my fingers that you'll send in more contributions of your detailed painting of Strelets' figures, just like the early Crimean British and Russians you did - hint, hint.

Keep up the good fight and take care!