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Re: Plancenoit Update

Hm, interesting. I'm no expert when it comes to this subject and it's difficult to find contemporary pictures of deployed artillery and limbers, seems few painters bothered to give these troops the attention they deserved. I always thought (without knowing) setting up a battery somewhat like this

makes more sense, but of course that's a but wargame.

Looking at pictures from deployed batteries in the ACW the limbers and horses seem to be positioned the way you choose for your model.

Re: Plancenoit Update

Marvellous as always.

You may find this interesting regarding the deployment of horse artillery .

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A different era but the principles are the same.

Best wishes,


Re: Plancenoit Update

Thanks, it's always fascinating to see these old pictures and I suppose your right as to the drill practice being almost the same as a hundred+ years earlier. I also noticed that they used teams of different colour for each gun in the battery, something that was also practised by the Napoleonic French army.
Though not quite related, if you don't already know it, you might like this one:

Re: Plancenoit Update

I hadn't really thought about where to place the limber/horse teams to be honest. I can though, from an equestrian point of view, think of
a good reason for having the limber teams etc facing towards the guns.

Trying to "reverse" a team of horses with limber back on up to the gun, would of probably of been more hassle & taken more time than they had on a field of battle. It's far easier to make a horse go forwards than backwards. So it would of probably been much faster and far easier for the crews to just simply bring the limber up close to the gun & then just wheel the gun around and attach.

Re: Plancenoit Update

My friend Nick Lipscombe tells me that the British drill was always had theirs facing forwards. There are some images that suggest the French drill was to have theirs facing backwards. There is no evidence that I know of for the Prussians. Ever keen to think through how these things would have happened for real in the congested space available with infantry to either side, I have allowed this battery commander to keep his facing forwards.

Re: Plancenoit Update


I comment more fully on your wonderful blog, which is always a joy to visit.

Regards, James

Re: Plancenoit Update

Thank you James, your comments are always very kind.

Re: Plancenoit Update

Simply stunning!!!
Always a pleasure looking at such wonderful work.

Re: Plancenoit Update

This diorama is just amazeing i love following it all the great pictures presented for my eyes keep it up and send more please.
As for the artillery set up its faceing the guns for attack faceing away for retreat so ive been told.

Re: Plancenoit Update

Thanks all, the guy who works on the guns is very talented. He is going to produce a full battery on the move next time.