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Re: DAK Heavy weapons

I am on board with a set like this. Especially the sappers. But even if I use just a sampling of available DAK sets, they outnumber my 8th Army. That isn't accurate. So I guess I need to buy more Airfix and ESCI 8th Army. But then, of course, now it is even more inaccurate because there aren't enough Italians. I don't like having 50 of the same pose, so I mix different manufacturers' sets, when they match, that is. There just aren't many Italians.

The backbone of my DAK Infantry is, of course, Airfix. Esci has a good mine laying pose, while a few poses from Revell and Matchbox (which is really undersized) add flavor. Italeri are way too big, and Caesar have too many submachine guns (I can't even build a good squad, well, maybe a squad, but I never bought them). But I like to build my squads with different poses, based on a real German 10-man squad (an NCO, Asst NCO/3rd MG man, MG gunner w/ Asst gunner carrying ammo boxes, and six riflemen. And they need rifles, not machine guns. Every time I see a German with an MP40, he's an NCO to me. ;-)

I actually like the ESCI mix of poses for the 8th Army better than Airfix (their Bren pose is much better than Airfix) but the poses are stiff. Airfix gives us good heavy machine gun and mine detector and Revell and Matchbox gave us a couple useful "flavor poses". But the Strelets Indians, and Indian and 8th Army and DAK heavy weapons set the bar. So they should finish the theatre's last needed sets.

So I guess I really need some Italians especially if we get DAK Heavy Weapons. I hope the recent reveals from Strelets means such a set is in the works. But I'll need more than them on patrol. I need a full-blown set.

And while we're at it, might as well make Italian Heavy Weapons.

And while we're at it, I need some British or Indian sappers.

Oh, and some British Artillery figures in desert uniforms.

Oh well, and I guess we may just as well have a set of Aussies in desert uniform (and sprinkle in a few Australian hats for flavor, not all of them, just a few).

Well, at least I didn't get carried away!

Re: DAK Heavy weapons

Italians definitely needed. Never covered properly.

Re: DAK Heavy weapons

Graham Korn
Italians definitely needed. Never covered properly.
Also the Vichy French who worked hard to tie down allied forces in the Levant and North Africa.

Re: DAK Heavy weapons

I agree with all the above - the Italian "teaser" figures look interesting.
Waterloo 1815 do a good Italian Support Group with useful weapons.
As for small arms and heavy weapons there doesn't seem to be information on them. I tried a bit of online research but I've found very little on small arms and heavy weapons.
I also find it it difficult to make up my units, whether historically accurate or not, without mixing figures from different manufacturers.
The core of my Middle East armies is also good old Airfix but the same comments also apply, that is lack of heavy weapons, shortage of riflemen etc.
I also want Colonial sets! Never satisfied are we?
Stay safe folks

Re: DAK Heavy weapons

There is a new decent 2,8 cm Panzerbüchse made by Caesar for their set of Heavy Weapons for Paratroopers.

Re: DAK Heavy weapons

Steffen Schöps
There is a new decent 2,8 cm Panzerbüchse made by Caesar for their set of Heavy Weapons for Paratroopers.
Thank you Steffen. I was trying to remember where I had seen the 2.8cm model in one or other set and of course it is the Caesar set that you mention.

The 'problem' is of course that half of the 'heavy weapons' outfit has already been released in the excellent DAK Mortars set. But without stretching things too far, a set with MG34s on tripod and also being carried, with ammunition carriers also, and some other 'useful' figures posed in such a way to allow them to be converted to artillery crew, would work as a set: 'DAK Machine guns' as a title.

I'm not sure we would need the 2.8cm in this set though: if it was 4 sprues then that would mean 4 guns, and this small A/T gun was numerically less common than, initially, the 37mm PAK36 and then during 1942/43 the 50mm PAK38, which was the backbone of the DAK Anti-tank artillery....and PSC make a very good set of 50mm guns already.