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Re: New This Red Line Highlanders

Not sure why everyone is in a lather over these - they are obviously Napoleonic highlanders in a firing line, and are fully accurate as such. I think the \"Thin Red Line\" reference is just some misdirection from Strelets.
Well, almost...not the sporrans though, and not the Enfield (?) rifled muskets either. But 90% there as Napoleonic Highlanders.

Lather? Facial hair? Shaving....subtle, but amusing.:grinning:
Well seeing as Strelets has attached the pictures of the masters of these highlanders on their "Thin Red Line" set listing on the main page, I think that actually they were meant to be Crimean.....unless there has been a huge admin foul up? As we have said, one way or another the set has been messed up.

Fully accurate for Napoleonics......get rid of the sporrans than practically yes.
With the muskets, its hard to tell whether they are meant to be the Napoleonic brown bess, or some later model, as these are not the best sculpted.

Re: New This Red Line Highlanders

I just hopr that the other Crimean War Infantry sets that Strelets are
planning to retool are going to be better than this one.