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Re: Collecting money

'Collecting Money'....?? I initially thought that one of the spammers had got hold of your name, James, and was about to hold us all to ransom !! :wink:

Seriously though, that's an impressive shopping list.... And full of quality sets too. With an investment of 6 boxes of cuirassiers your Austrian cavalry force will surely be unstoppable! A tidal wave of heavy metal and horseflesh.

I know what you mean about British infantry. I over-invested in HaT Zulu Wars British a few years ago and now have a large surplus without any clear use. They will, inevitably, end up in my '1868' Imagi-War collection, alongside other 'surplus' figures.

Will this summer see a record number of releases by one company at one time? Maybe...:grin:

Re: Collecting money

Funny, looks like its going to be the opposite for me...the older sets will still be my main focus from Strelets products (marching, in attack, standing at... etc), rather than the newer sets. So my money is reasonably safe!! I will probably buy the odd box from the new sets though......

The British Infantry firing line......1 box only.
Oh dear, a set I really wanted, hoped for, and was then let down by. As others have mentioned theres something a bit odd about the poses as if too relaxed/out hunting etc. Theres no bayonets, 1 too many forage caps and "muskets" look poor. Just not anywhere near as good as previous Strelets British infantry sets. If it had been done with better (a more well drilled look) poses, better muskets & with bayonets fixed, I could of forgiven the amount of forage caps & headswapped them. I would of bought loads of boxes!!
But alas it will just be a single box, moreso for the wounded who are very useful.

The new "Crimean" Highlanders....1 box (providing its sold as a stand alone set).
A much better looking firing line for Napoleonic use than the British version (another pose using ramrod instead of the one pointing downwards would of been good), but bayonets are attached which is great!! There is something a bit "off" about their physique & would also have to keep trimming off sporrans, so that unfortunately impacts how many I want. Again casualties are very useful.

French Guard Chasseurs....1 box
Just to add to Napoleons personal guard, with better mounts I have spare.

Russian Hussars in Reserve....1 box only.
Well had these been as good as the Austrian Uhlans, I would of been starting a Russian army I dare say!! Ok not suitable for Waterloo but I have always thought about taking on Borodino and Leipzig in the future anyway. Alas, I would need to source far too many better horses & apart from the lance armed chaps, the poses dont really work for me...not for "in reserve", they look far more like they are "at ease". Then there is the pelisse issue. But I will still buy a box as im a sucker for Hussar sets!!

Austrian Uhlans......2-3 boxes
Although not for the 100 days, I really do like these troopers. I have generally really liked the troopers in the Uhlan sets anyway. They always look relaxed but still "ready" in reserve, compared to the other cavalry reserve sets. But thing is, these Uhlans actually tempt me to start a Austrian army!! Better horses will be needed probably which is a pain...for me anyway! Thus limiting how many boxes I would be able to buy for the time being.

However for the foreseeable future, its the older British/Highland, Prussian & some of the French sets of Strelets that will remain my centre of attention from their catalogue.
On a side note, having just had a closer look at the Brunswick set, I notice they are missing their packs. How come they got left off????

Re: Collecting money

I will as usual buy one of each Napoleonic sets that is released & will also be buying some of the
WW2 sets as well mainly the desert sets.
I know that some sets are not perfect but there are okay in my eyes, I have seen much worse.
It would be great If strelets made British firing line two & put right all the faults that have been pointed out on this forum & I think it would be a great seller over to you Mr Strelets.:smile:

Re: Collecting money

Many wishes to all of you, gentlemen!!
My problem, besides the monetary one (:grimacing: ), is which and when some of these superb items will appear in the market...
Could, Mr Strelets, give us some information??

Re: Collecting money

I'll probably be spending most on the new WoSS sets (French dragoons and cuirassiers with helmets and tricornes). Not sure about the artillery as I have quite a few of Zvezda's excellent GNW sets. If Strelets had chosen to provide bigger calibre guns I might be more tempted.
Perhaps one box of French Guard chasseurs.
The Austrian Uhlans look good, but saw little action. Aspern and Wagram in 1809, no regiments in Russia and none in Germany in 1813 (except at Hanau). They fought in the campaign for France in 1814 though. As Strelets has chosen to provide them with the straight plumes I could also use Zvezdas Guard lancers, if I should ever like to paint some Austrian Uhlans, so ... probably not (yet).
WoSS will be costly enough I guess :wink:

Re: Collecting money

Ah, thanks for the heads up about the Austrians. I couldn't remember if they were involved in the later big battles, but just assumed there must of been some present. Oh well.

I will still buy a couple of boxes of them, just for a change from the usual. I should have enough spare horses for 2 boxes. May look into possibility of converting a box into Brunswick Uhlans, just to make use of these excellent troopers.

Re: Collecting money

As for the Austrian Uhlans, as far as I remember there were only four regiments (although with up to six to eight squadrons) but they were mostly deployed in the Italian theatre of war. The Schwarzenberg Uhlans saw action at Aspern and Wagram, Hanau and La Rothiere). I couldn't find much about the others. Merveldt and Carl-Ludwig Uhlans were with Bellegarde in Italy and one or both may have fought at the battle of the Mincio River in 1814, but I'm not an expert in the 1814 campaign or the campaigns in Italy, so perhaps someone else can offer more information.

Re: Collecting money

If the majority of WSS sets do get released in this next batch, it will be a very expensive year!