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Re: By the way, is it Friday?

Yes happy, but what on earth are the Africa Korps set going to be ??

Re: By the way, is it Friday?

Who cares as long as they are as nice as the previous DAK figures.:heart_eyes:

Re: By the way, is it Friday?

Dear Strelets,

It really has become a case of 'another day, another master'. So much on the go from you, it is marvellous.

I am interested in the use of the pre-formed rifles. It was done with the small arms of previous sets like the Napoleonic French in greatcoats and the American Civil War infantry and seems to result in finer and more detailed versions on the figures. Seems to me a good option to use. Is the choice up to the individual sculptor, or dependent on having a collection of suitable weapons to add to the sculpted figures?

Thanks for your continued progress and output. This northern summer is gonna be a bumper harvest and we are already being 'teased' with the lot after that. The witty comments from some about collecting money in anticipation are so true!

Regards, James

Re: By the way, is it Friday?

Well, call me ungrateful, but I'm still waiting to see some 1940 Italians in North Africa in sun helmets! But I love that there is a Afrika Korps dude with a radio. A first.

But I am still hoping for Line Jackson at some point!