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To Strelets - future sets question

Dear Strelets team,

I don't need to know exactly when but do you still intend to make napoleonic winter Russian infantry Marching?
Winter is coming at the end of the year and I would need to prepare my famous 7th division with proper clothing 😉

Thank you again for the great product you provide to the hobby.

Re: To Strelets - future sets question

I'd love to see these too CPN. The Russians so far have been beaut.

Hopefully the answer will be 'soon' and then to be followed by the replacement for M011 ; cue that broken record of mine...!

Regards, James

Re: To Strelets - future sets question

I think I'm with CPN and James here. When it comes to new Napoleonics, Russian Infantry in greatcoats and doing something mildly aggressive eg: advancing, in attack, firing line, would be very useful.

Have a good weekend :relaxed:

PS: Proviso: Just so long as new Napoleonics don't get in the way of those new WoSS sets. I may be biased....

Re: To Strelets - future sets question

Dear CPN,

yes, they are still on our to-do-list.
Please, be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: To Strelets - future sets question

Merci beaucoup !