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Re: New Highlanders

Box art and the Turks are the same as the old set as far as I can judge by looking at PSR. If the Highlanders are indeed for the Crimea and just replace the old Highlanders it might prove a huge marketing mistake. If released as a single Highlander box people could ignore the description and just buy them for use as Napoleonics (cutting away the sporrans). But in a big set they'll also have to buy the other sets included, so anybody not interested in the Crimea will probably think twice before buying. And these Highlanders don't look very Crimean imho.
Actually I'm at a loss what to make of such a production decision ... The sculptor seems capable but clearly needs some supervision since what he owns in crafting skill he seems to lack in research, a pity since this way talent is wasted. Reminds me of some late Italeri sets where the troopers horses all had officers saddlecloth ...

Re: New Highlanders

Imho, this sculptor does indeed need supervision of somekind. As you say, what skill is shown in the human form, is definitely being lost on uniform/equipment mistakes.
For a military figure sculptor & company, i'd of thought those were kind of really important aspects!!!!!

Even if these were packed seperate for Napoleonic usage, I personally would still only buy a single box. I don't want to mess about trimming sporrans off leaving unsightly flat spots for loads of highlanders, no matter how I try tidying that area up. Painting the tartan is bad enough!!! 😂

Oh well, like a few other musket era sets of late, Strelets are just scoring an own goal with this lot.

Re: New Highlanders

I have to say that I am also confused by what this 'big set' is/will be. With the old style Crimean Highlanders (of which I have a couple of boxes) you knew where you were: chunky, well-sculpted fellows in the older Strelets style, with suitably large bonnets and beards. The sort of soldiers who might put the fear of God into their Russian opponents.

But the new Highlanders are slender and most definitely Napoleonic - apart from the sporrans. They don't look right for The Crimea, but do look pretty good to form a firing line as part of Picton's Division at Waterloo (minus the sporrans).

They are also very noticeably different in sculpting style to the Turkish troops in this set, although since the two would not be part of a single unit this does not matter so much.

I'm really not sure what to make of this?:confused:

Re: New Highlanders

I think that the highlanders look too tall or have small heads. I was surprised that the muscian does not wear a sporran when all of his kilted comrades do.

Re: New Highlanders

The piper is quite poor. The bass drone should be much longer than the tenor drones. Also a piece of material , normally a thick ribbon of tartan, should connect the 3 drones to avoid them waving around erratically.

Re: New Highlanders

I like them.
Just hope we get some new sculpted Crimean russians to go with them.
In gray,not green. With caps, not helmets.
And with kneeling and standing firing figures having bayonets attached.
Just my own personal wishlist. Thank you Strelets for all your
fine work. Cappy