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Re: In Preparation

I must admit that I was surprised at how old fashioned these Austrians look. I would not be surprised if some of these ended up cantering across the countryside at Edgehill or in some 30yw army.

Re: New Austrian curassiers SSW

Excellent sculpting!

Airfix made a kettle drummer in their British hussar set for Waterloo. After a mere 49 years, the market seems ready for another one...

Here's me trying very hard not to raise more armies for yet another period! Regards, Pa

Re: New Austrian curassiers SSW

So very, very nice, and without the flaws of the previous offerings by Waterloo 1815! :D

All discussions of kettle-drummers aside (I personally probably won't use them, but I can see others doing so, if only for conversions like the old Airfix drummers}, the thing I like about this set, and the rest of the WSS range, is that they're so very nicely all on purpose. These guys look like they mean business.

Looking forwards to getting my hands on these, thank you Strelets.

Re: New Austrian curassiers SSW

Oh my Gawd, they're gorgeous!!! Several boxes will be heading this way, I can assure you!!