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Re: That persistant Mr Smith!!

Benno's is quite decent and I haven't noticed any kind of spam so far. You have to register and login however. I guess it takes some more admin time to run, so resources may be an issue.

Benno's does occasionally get spam robot posts, just a couple of days ago half of the front page was filled with them. Most were in Mandarin so I think that there's only a few members who would be able to read them. Members report suspect posts and the mods remove them and cancel the spammers membership.

Registration makes things more difficult for spammers so there is perhaps less traffic but would it deter anything as persistent as the Smiddybot? As I understand it each time it posts it is banned from the forum but it keeps coming back with a different IP address, would it just continually re-register?

Up to now I regard Mr. W. S. as a minor nuisance that can easily be ignored. At least as long as he always posts under the same name and starts with these "How to ..." titels.

Exactly so, a minor irritation and I don't even open the posts. Neither does anyone else I suspect. Lets just hope the spambot program has a line of code telling it if there's no response after ten million tries it should just give up.

Strelets has a forum format that works I can understand if they don't want to change it. William Smith is easily ignored and occasionally we can have some fun suggesting what should be done with the pillock, I quite enjoy those posts.