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Re: The 100 Days...Just a thought

Those are some really nice photos there of 2015!

Re: The 100 Days...Just a thought

I will watch the film on the 18th, that sounds like a good thing to do. Perhaps I'll also watch the Waterloo episode of "Sharpe" as well, but with tongue firmly in cheek.

Gerd. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of waterloo 2015 I really enjoyed seeing those and your Landwehr battalion looks magnificent.

I watched the video in the first link, I'll go back and watch the others later, what a fabulous turnout by so many reenactors and I was quite surprised by the huge stands full of spectators. It must have been an incredible experience.

Re: The 100 Days...Just a thought

Yes, the Waterloo 2015-reenactment was the greatest event in my time as reenactor.

Battle of Leipzig 2013 was incredible, but Waterloo 2015 was unbelievable.

After the first 30 min the powder-dust covered the area around.
You could no longer see the grandstands and everything that was more than 150 meters away disappeared in the powder vapor.
So you were standing in the battle line and had no idea which enemy would appear in front of you in the next minutes.

It's hard to describe; It was "terribly impressive"..

Re: The 100 Days...Just a thought

Some perspectives on the Waterloo campaign from Facebook (if it had been around) Excuse the language. And please, please, please - don't take this too seriously. It's just a bit of fun.

19.50hrs 20th June 1815
Charlie Richmond has just sent one of her footmen round invitring me to theirs. Was about to say no, when I realised I need a drink and a frecking great big one! Wellington (Duke of)

21:00hrs 18th June 1815
Mt St Jean.
Sometimes I hate this job. The French rolled up, advanced in the same old way, and got beaten in the same old way. Squeaky bum time about tea-time but then the Germans showed up. Think I'm going get out of this. I told Haye off for texting his missus during the battle, next thing he's gone. Think I'll go into politics, yeah, right.

21.15hrs 18th June 1815
Road to Paris.
Fecking hate the British! And the Germans. Really really HATE the British.

12.00 20 June 1815
Napoleon is in Paris - and thinks he better not be soon. Germans and Russians closing in quick. Proles very upset. Think I might have screwed the pooch this time. Exit plan required. Preferably somewhere warm, do we still own Martinique?

19.30hrs 20th June 1815
Napoleon is at Malmaison. Packing.

27th June 1815
HMS Bellerophron at sea off La Rochelle.
General feeling aboard is that Napoleon is heading this way, caught the 1st officer practising what he will say if he gets to arrest him. I have advised him that "You're fecking nicked, my son!" is not how we do it in the Royal Navy.

Re: The 100 Days...Just a thought

Good! Last one was best!!