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Re: Have you seen them new 'oplites?

Yes. I have Seen Them.
The Figures are Wonderful and full of Detail.
Andi Daum präsent us a very good Set.



I'm both impressed by the dynamic & detailed figures & your knowledge, James, of ancient Greek, where the aspirated initial vowel does not need a superfluous "h".


Re: Have you seen them new 'oplites?

Yes I saw them. The before battle guy looks great, not impressed with the other three. As a wargammer I prefer 3D poses, and the pose pictured above is clearly 2D.

If given the choice I would purchase a Strelets Mini set (Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Roman Auxiliaries, non-heavy Dacians, Military Orders, Muslims, Rus, Classical Germans) over this. However mine is but a solitary opinion and I hope the best for the set regardless. Love the topic choice! :sunglasses:

Re: Have you seen them new 'oplites?

Well I think they look quite good, with the exceptions that I could only use so many fallen guys (4 in a box would be 3 too many for me) or spurious combat poses which seems to be the norm for Hoplite sets generally...
The spears are way to short here though, a problem that LA corrected with their pikes so hopefully they will do the same here, shields are a better size then the previous on the march set...

The Greeks were well drilled professionals for the most part, at least the ones who could afford the kit, so you might expect hopefully one day to get a set that reflects this if the manufacturers will take note... I would hope the rest (8 poses) will be poses suitable for a Phalanx or at least something to build a army with.

So far though LA seems to be aiming their sets at dioramas, rather then gamers for which you need to have the basic essentials in the box... but we'll see...


Re: Have you seen them new 'oplites?

Dear 'Ironsides',

I asked Andreas about the spears, his reply was:

"this is an optical illusion. All spears are 30 mm"

Regards, James

Re: Have you seen them new 'oplites?

On the low end, spears from the era have a range of 2-3m, Connolly says 2.3m for Hoplites but the spear was increasing in length during this era...