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Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Alan from G

Your problems is the opposite of mine, I need more of the civilians. There should be some way of bartering what we don't need like the Streltsi you see on eBay from time to time.

I bartered with other collectors to build consistent units of Streltsi, so it should be possible.

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Hi, Yes, great figures, though if I was collecting Russian Napoleonic's, having a large infantry flag on cavalry would be a concern, especially if I was purchasing several sets. I was wondering if it would be possible with these specialist figs if several separate arms could be added, holding things like a trumpet, flag, telescope, pistol, sword or just pointing. The flag could be just a pole, to allow for paper flags, as flags are often so complicated to convincingly paint. At least this would give a lot more flexibility, so as to avoid lots of redundant figures. Perhaps it could be a universal accessory arm sprue that could be used for several sets and nationalities, to reduce production costs, assuming that the uniforms are similar. I know this would likely be very helpful for war gamers. Anyways, so what do you think??

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Wonderful hussars and civilians! I will buy certainly some boxes And I like your configuration of poses and themes in this set. Please continue!
My only wish: Please in future better and new sculpted horses than these quite small skull-horses.