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Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Very good looking figures, I think the many folks wanting cavalry in reserve will be pretty happy with these, but there's still a bit of variety with the figures with pipe and water bottle.

The bonus figures are great. Surely every Russian army needs a guy who can play the balalaika, I don't recall if we've had such a figure before.

I don't have a Russian army myself but I will be buying this set just to get the lady in the regency style dress, she is wonderful! There may be some similar things in resin but this is one figure that is long overdue in 1/72 plastic. Thank you Strelets. Actually, she's probably the right age for The Duchess of Richmond. How cool is that?

Can I be greedy and say it would be great to see some young women in similar dress in future sets? I can picture one looking coquettish and sending signals with her fan. :wink:

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

"it would be great to see some young women"

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

That was quick! very nice:relaxed:

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Civilian figures are great and certainly a most welcome addition. For those who want to build a parade scene these spectators are a must have.
However, given the quality of curls and lace displayed by those nice gentlemen of the WoSS series I suppose there is still some room to improve with respect to detail. Strelets own "Court of Peter I." still has the best female minis in the range, at least for the the early 18th century. Now we need the same for the 19th century.

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Nice Hussars I like the in reserve idea, the horses are ok but we know Mr strelets you can do better these look the same as the Prussian horses with a little bit of tweaking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Hi I love the russian hussars but i wish they would had gave a multiples of each lancer poses or replaced the character hussars with figures with swords drawn at the ready, I do eighteen figure units of one pose (15 and 3 command). As a resultI dont really need 15 wine drinkers or pipe smokers. I would love a separate command set that could contain these lovely poses and allow us to build more uniformed units.

Please understand I really enjoy these unique poses but feel they could be contained in a camp setting box or as a way of adding value and numbers to a cavalry command set.

I would love to strelets and all your views I have bought many of Zvezdas Polish lancers as I feel they have a perfect sprue for cavalry sets and would love to see strelets replicate that if possible


Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Allan thats my thoughs exactly.
Poses full of character like the drinking & smoking pipe etc are very nice and certainly different, but in a box of just 12 men/horses, if theres 2 or 3 such poses, plus the couple of carbine poses and then the incorrect flagbearer, you are then not left with many proper poses for building up units.

For collectors its great but for wargamers or battlefield diorama builders, it doesnt help for building up regiments.
We have had infantry sets at ease, so put the relaxing trooper poses in a set like that but for cavalry. Keep the reserve/standing cavalry sets for troopers holding sabres drawn at ready.....a cavalry version of the infantry order/shoulder arms sets if you like.
The lancer sets are fine with the way they hold their lances currently.

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Alan from G

Your problems is the opposite of mine, I need more of the civilians. There should be some way of bartering what we don't need like the Streltsi you see on eBay from time to time.

I bartered with other collectors to build consistent units of Streltsi, so it should be possible.

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Hi, Yes, great figures, though if I was collecting Russian Napoleonic's, having a large infantry flag on cavalry would be a concern, especially if I was purchasing several sets. I was wondering if it would be possible with these specialist figs if several separate arms could be added, holding things like a trumpet, flag, telescope, pistol, sword or just pointing. The flag could be just a pole, to allow for paper flags, as flags are often so complicated to convincingly paint. At least this would give a lot more flexibility, so as to avoid lots of redundant figures. Perhaps it could be a universal accessory arm sprue that could be used for several sets and nationalities, to reduce production costs, assuming that the uniforms are similar. I know this would likely be very helpful for war gamers. Anyways, so what do you think??

Re: Masters for Russian Hussars in Reserve

Wonderful hussars and civilians! I will buy certainly some boxes And I like your configuration of poses and themes in this set. Please continue!
My only wish: Please in future better and new sculpted horses than these quite small skull-horses.